Proponents of the measure believe that it will be practically self sustaining the county being called upon to vote little money for maintenance, after the building is properly improved. The artery must have been impervious, therefore, at the time of rupture of the -sac. The incidence of those diseases in drafted men and in enlisted men who were subsequently on duty, and the measures taken in this matter will be highly appreciated and acknowledged. They were applied only on the sides, not at the ends or in the center.

Disease (aortic more frequently than other valvular lesions); mental excitement; active exercise; straining at stool; a draught of cold air. The second part of the question cannot be decisively answered at the present stage of the inquiry.


By work he means riding occasionally in automobiles and also conducting nose and throat practice. Qj; macerate for seven days, agitating occasionally; then filter sufiScient of the menstruum to make up to a pint.

(b) Found in thalassemia and other anemias. Troordinarj efGcaoy in subduing the pain and inHamiQatiDii. This sound occurs in all cases of inertia of the rumen, and indicates distension and emptiness of the viscus (acute peritonitis, chronic adhesive peritonitis, inflammation of the reticulum as a consequence of the presence of foreign bodies). If this type of program is continued and carried out vigorously, we are certain that the tuberculosis work in Alabama will easily be on a par with that quality of work being done in the most progressive states in this country. He now has a pain which shoots up his spine. The power of the amative mania in dogs is well known; while under its influence they have no regard for anything but the object of their pursuit, and will endure anything rather than abandon it.

The shoulders do not always fully rotate, but may nevertheless pass the opening, if the parts be large, and well relaxed. At the approach it will be found necessary to resort sometimes to sedatives, sometimes to stimulants; for the former the Pulsatilla anemone has stood the test of six years' constant application. This renders the book more valuable than if it were merely a collection have been replaced by new r ones and it is a safe prediction to make that in the third edition some of the present pictures will be found wanting and their places taken by better ones. Paul Jones, Vice-President of Committees constitutionally provided to nominate counsellors brought in the following nominations, and the nominees were elected by the Peach Tree expressing gratitude to the Jefferson County Medical Society, the hotels of the city, and the press and radio for the many courtesies shown it during the The Association was invited to return to President Grote and other newly chosen officers were presented, whereupon the Association was declared adjourned to meet in Name and Address Date of Election Those marked with a t are serving last terms of six Those without a symbol are serving first terms of The numeral is the number of the congressional district. In another cliild tlie disease assumed the character of typhoid fever, the symptoms of which disappeared when M. Shanahan, the afternoon session a business meeting was held, and addresses were made in the afternoon and evening by the following physicians: New York: Dr.

It is not enough merely to extract the fragment of metal from the lung tissue, for in its flight it usually carries with it pieces of clothing and bone splinters, which, if not removed, may set The cleansing of a gutter wound or of a track near the surface of the lung is a comparatively simple matter, as the whole track ean be excised and the surfaces brought together with deep sutures:

He mentioned a case where he removed the left breast of a woman some eight years ago; she afterwards married a second time and had two or three children. The tumor and also the swelling of the glands were both entirely removed.

Finding him a man of intelligence, I commenced talking on the subject of solitary vice, and observed that he appeared much interested. Rogers thought that it was even unwise to defer operation in that class of cases seen late where an absorptive process of recovery was Dr. If a mother has not got enoutrh for her baby, if the baby has to go to sleep half satisfied, it will awake and cry and require the breast, and certainly is entitled to it.

Routh, of a woman who succeeded in systematically killing her sixth child by feeding it on nothing but" the best arrow-root that could be procured." Neither the physiology of infant digestion, nor the" rules for the management of infants" claim any blessings or advantages fir unmitigated amylum-poisoning; and the somewhat malicious unction with which the case has been reproduced, speaks for (or against) the reasoning Now, Mr. At the autopsy it was ascertained that the portion of the aneurism nearest to the subclavian had undergone consolidation, while it? inner portion was pervious, and commuuicated with the carotid. The essential parts of the instrument are an automatic pipet for collecting the blood, and a graduated color comparison to measure the percentage of hemoglobin therein contained. The body should be replaced in kind; that is, blood loss by whole blood, plasma by plasma, and other fluids by normal saline solution, although in the last instance sodium lactate solution may be substituted with advantage if acidosis exists. In the late war our profession as a whole did noble and conscientious work, and whatever may have been lacking in its effectiveness was not due to ignorance or incapacity as far as ordinary professional duties were concerned, but to inexperience in military medicine.

Infants, for the purpose of converting the ingesta into nutriment. Brainabd, of Chicago, made a series of experiments with His directions are to place a cupping glass over the wound and pass the nozzle of the syringe beneath the skin under the edges of the cup, throwing in sufficient of the above to"infiltrate the To make a flaid of the oonsistenoy of thiek oream.