Hence, in addition to the recumbent position, and the local measures above directed, it is well not only to use the quinia, aconite, veratrum, and opium freely, but, in plethoric cases, to use early an old-fashioned venesection. Cheyne discusses the question of tuberculous peritonitis which he finds "" in about five per cent, of tuberculous cases examined post mortem. I have seen him from time to time for more than two years after treatment, and he has never had the slightest trace of secondary symptoms. The lactometer, however, is best considered simply as an instrument for making a preliminary examination. By the use of formalin vapors, thorough sterilization of the ureter cystoscope and catheters can be obtained without much difficulty, and the dangers of vesical and ureteral infection can be reduced to almost nil.

To cut short a conception in a tuberculous mother is useless; she has a better chance of getting well if left alone, and if a thorough dietetic and hygienic treatment is immediately instituted and prolonged for at least a year after confinement. Finally, Sherrington has shown a most striking example as furnished by the ape, for after section of all of the afferent roots from the limb the grasp of the corresponding hand or foot is permanently lost, whereas if a single root is left there may be weakness, but total loss does not follow. Neuralgias in the peripheral nerves may be the cause of pain, and peripheral neuritis is sometimes clearly demonstrable in these cases. If tile skin be now cut off half an inch from the instrument, the tissues will not retract, and the bleeding points may be quickly detected and secured. A reclining-chair is placed with its back in the interior, and the whole arranged so that the patient is protected from the wind and sun. The edges of the ulcer are elevated above the mucous membrane, they are hard, indurated, and contain great numbers of the small nodules proceeds along the lymphatics and results in the formation of cord-like prolongations, which radiate from the ulcer; in these hard cords the yellowish nodules may be seen.

Often entirely abandons the old One of the points usually included in such a table is the rarity of the disease in women, but experience has modified this opinion.

The following hypersensitivity reactic associated with the use of penicillin have been reported: skin rash ranging from maculopapular eruptions to exfoliative dermatitis; ui caria; and reactions resembling serum sickness, including chills, fevi edema, arthralgia, and prostration. In every waF yet undertaken typhoid fever has probably claimed a larger share of victims than has any other disease. Following recommended therapy with Imferon (iron dextran injection) appears Although suppression of ovulation remains the primary mode of action of oral contraceptives, newer knowledge indicates that both low-dosage progestogen and estrogen multiple action that helps explain their unexcelled record of contraceptive effectiveness. The operator is testing the ligament. It or some other organic preparation should be used in the nonoperative tetanies, in order to learn whether anything approaching thyroid therapy in cretinism, myxoedema, and other thyroid trophic disorders can The prospects for and technique of parathyroid transplantation are well clinical and operative details. Hutchinson, who saw her and her family, with me, was of this opinion. Autopsy showed thrombosis of a branch of the posterior cerebral artery. High arterial tension is not common in other forms of colic.

VAGINAL HYSTERECTOUY; CURETTAGE OP THE CLINIUL LXCTDRK StLlTBKtD A.T THK HARPIK HOSPITAL. If now the artificially introduced virus"gets the start", so to speak, of the naturally introduced poison, by the time the latter is at its height the animal has become gradually immunized to the specific poison and suffers little harm. If so simple a thing as a steam engine could never be learned off, as an engine, by such form of study, nor by any number of such isolated studies, how can it be expected that the imity of the animal machine can be advanced by research, in its case so infinitely less efficient? I speak thus for the argument of science, I speak feebly echoing the voice which proclaims everywhere the unity of nature, and the Allcreative Intellect.

He is better qualified than we will have an opportunity for some time to have another member who is both a doctor and a lawyer, and I believe we should hold on to him Nomination was seconded by Dr. Even after the importance of the thyroid function became known the organ was rarely included in the routine postmortem examination. Of "" other alterations that have been observed in the parathyroids may be mentioned cloudy swelling, cysts, fatty degeneration,"colloid" change, clinical features too insufficiently described to serve as guides to the normal or pathological functions of the glands.

Only as a last resort should morphin be given: there can iDe no condition in which the danger of habit formation is greater. No definite line can be drawn between the catarrh of the finer bronchial tubes and broncho-pneumonia. There have been a large number of cases subjected to this operation since it was first good. Comprising ten volumes on the year's This little volume gives a very comprehensive review of the important publications on internal medicine during the past year.