Observe that I use the word glycosuria rather than diabetes; for not all the patients whose urine contains sugar are diabetics, that is, they do not all have an excessive flow of urine, polyuria being manifested later, if at all. It is much easier to warn them in advance than to try to soothe them after the lenses have been purchased at a high price. Hsematuria is attacks almost invariably the first symptom, and has characters which are almost pathognomonic of this disease. The phthirius pubis and its eggs are confined almost exclusively to the hairy portions of the pubis. Holton as Treasurer for the funds, as recommended by Dr. In these cases, also, the results were very satisfactory. The laboratory should form a far more important part of the education of the student than the didactic lecture.

Furthermore, this examination should be complete to the point of visual inspection of the cervix, and biopsy of all suspicious lesions. There was an abatement of malaria during the dry season. Embolism, pulmonary arteries to left upper Dr. The girl's family history was markedly phthisical, but she had enjoyed good health until three days prior to admission. The extirpated tumour was encapsuled; it was not adherent either to the skin or to the subjacent bone; it was grayish-red in colour, homogeneous, and rather soft. Meets third Monday in detox each month; April New York Specific Medication Club. He aspirates with Dieulafoy's apparatus, puncturing in cases of slight exudation at the seventh or eighth intercostal space below the angle of the scapula, in more considerable effusions at the fifth or sixth space in the axillary line. Lubricate your sound or and catheter with a bland lubricant. LIST OF MEMBERS OF THE SOCIETY, ai LIST OF MEMBEKS OF THE SOCIETY.

A social meeting of the alumni of tlie college was held in the evening at Delmonico's. The nurse had been greatly "" alarmed, as she thought the patient was dying.

Superstition has its birth in ignorance, as a background, but adverse suggestion gives to it its terror. Dittel observed that in many cases of obstinate alkalescent urine in old vesical catarrh the bladder exhibits hundreds of diverticula, which resemble cavities of abscesses, with narrow orifices, and In such cases it is quite impossible to wash the bladder clean out so as to remove all the alkalescent urine. The disease is now under control. In the veterinarian's descriptions, as in his practice, a large proportion of his time must be devoted to the feet. Become an even closer we need all the help you can give. The capsule may be ruptured or not.

I have arranged the forty of positive cultures obtained in table II. If the trouble is all upon the outside, the treatment for fistula should be employed.

After two or three months repeat only every heart three or four weeks.