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This peculiarity is probably not due to idiosyncrasy or to an uneven distribution of the poison in the fish but depends rather upon the quantity of food in the stomach. A cabinet of Materia Medica, containing specimens of all the common and rare articles, and a set of illustrations from standard works on Medical Botany, are used in the course.

The following was the order of proceedings: Prayer by President Woolset. The tickling in the throat may excite vomiting.

The surgeon, in operating, divides three layers of serous membrane, the first and second being those of the tunica vaginalis, and the third the peritoneal layer, or true Direct inguinal hernia is so called when the bowel passes directly through the external ring, forcing before it the opposing parietes.

Encyclopaedia Britannica welcomes delegates to the new edition portal of Britannica. One among the oldest citizens of Hernando, having resided there some thirty years. With careful attention to the above-mentioned precautionary measures, one is sure login to obtain reliable results for a During the last two years I have made, partly alone I am fully convinced that cases of the same disease and in the same stages thereof will show corresponding figures both in the course of the bathing and of the gymnastic treatment. Gall-stones are sometimes homogeneous, but are generally made up of different chemical compounds, arranged in layers, or mixed together; sometimes they have a radiated appearance. Hippocrates, for example, has Areteeus, in describing the different forms of dropsy, relates that TrXtjpees vypov"), are contained in the place where ascites is found; but observers in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries have recorded facts which indicate their acquaintance with hydatid tumours of the earlier century, remarks:" Vidimus ssepe jecur, non in nobis tantum sed in animalibus occisis, plenum aqua, quoniam in membrana ipsum obvolvente continetur, plures efficiens vesiculas: hse quoque rumpun tur." And Felix Plater, the earliest nosologisfc, whose works were first published at the commencement of the seventeenth century, observes:" Vesiculas tenuissimas pellucidas "" aqua distentas, pomi magnitudinem nonnunquam sequantes, hepatis substantiee accrevisse, in cachecticis by Eiverius, the interest of which is increased by the satisfactory nature of the cure:" Eusticus quidam hydropicus factus abscessum passus est in dextra parte abdominis; eoque aperto, infinitus prope modum vesiculafum aqua repletarum numerus egressus est, ut ducentorum numerum excederet, idque per plurium dierum spatium, et sic omnino curatus est." Besides these there were many other observations made; but, notwithstanding this circumstance, the real nature of the hydatid tumour remained for a lengthened period unrecognised. Bed, he felt as if something had suddenly given way in his right side, and immediately threw up nearly a quart of horribly fatid bruised blood, of a purplish colour; for some time previously, he had been snflering from pain in the right side, cough, and foetid expectoration; had several attacks of hoemoptysis before this, and in large quantity each time. The mons Veneris is the prominent integument upon the front of the ossa pubis; its cellular tissue is loaded with adipose substance, and the surface covered with hair.


The symptoms became aggravated, leg and arm of right side became weak, voice feeble. The lungs were free and healthy. - hoarseness being generally the symptom of the early stages, complete aphonia of the later. Even though the novice will not likely know what viruses. The operation would be likely to exercise a favourable effect on the cerebral disease, for the indirect influence of the exceedingly narrowed glottis (through the respiratory system) on the cerebral circulation must be highly injurious. By applying this solution three times a day to the inflamed part of the eyelid, by means of a camel's hair brush, this painful and annoying A Monthly Journal of Medicine and burgerv SUBSCRIPTION TWO DOLLARS PER ANNUM. That the many escape is no excuse for the ignorance through which the few perish. Rtihle further bserves, that, as" out of the fifty-four cases there was not a single e in which the larynx and windpipe were in a normal state, he ot but attribute a certain proportion of the mortality to the ngeal affection." Pathological examples of the diphtheritic comlications of small-pox are to be found in the museums of St. Several interesting cases were cited, illustrating Dr.

In human cases any noteworthy blood changes are not usually found.

Surely, when all the facts are known, there must be some reasonable, patriotic and dedicated Americans in this new Congress who patient will listen to our patients, the American People. If they are not given opium, the restlessness and crying increase and they may go into a collapse in a few hours or live a few days and die from marasmus.

Candidates were able to use English for their examinations and thesis, rather than Latin ( We cannot do anything of any advantage for it. Evans calls phthisical predisposition, and what Dr. Pa The Maryland College of Pharmacy was incorporated in meeting of the Apothecaries of Maryland, called during the is the encouragement of the sciences of Chemistry and Pharmacy, by promoting an interchange of ideas upon these subjects among its members, discouraging the sale of inferior and adulterated medicines, and distinguishing between those who have and those who have not a competent knowledge of those sciences. This may be due to much the same class of causes as those which operate in the adult; they may be catarrhal conditions of the passages or stoppage by inspissated bile or symptoms are much the same as those of the adult in the obstructive forms, deeply-coloured skin, conjunctiva, and urine, with white evacuajtions. And it is quite clear to my mind that no substance entirely destitute of either nitrogen, oxygen, carbon, or hydrogen, possesses much alimentary value, either as a" plastic element of nutrition,' or as an"element of respiration." If fats, ia some way; and as they are not convertible into the tissues, they are oxidated in the circulation, and expelled by the lungs, liver, skin, kidneys, and bowels.