I urge you to attend these meetings to voice your concerns and ask questions and to read the advertisements and articles that will be placed in county Please take the time to learn about this important issue.

The improvement suggested does away with the platform and the double desks.

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Speedy death from splenic fever occurred in every instance. Although this was done in the study by Barkun and colleagues (presumably because of special circumstances), most patients are already certain of which procedure they want when they first see the surgeon, thus precluding consent to randomization. Sharps and syringes represent more of a problem than radiation or infectious hazards.

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" I do not agree with the application of nitrate of silver in laryngeal phthisis, whether in solution or solid, as it produces great pain and frequently terrible spasm." Nitrate of silver, in my hands, has proved a valuable remedy in this disease.

Casimir Carl Skrzyszewski Pittsburgh, Pa. This is interesting as a matter of news, but it is fortunately too late for us to profit by his discovery, even if it should be substantiated.

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If the school is the usual means by which careers contagion is spread should it not be one of the agencies by which it is controlled? Or, to put it differently, if the community by its practices makes the school a spreader of contagion is it not up to the community to establish practices that will make the school a means of controlling contagion? The teacher has a selfish interest in this matter.