Bowditch's reply in full in his journal, the Medical Bulletin, and proceeds, in his editoral capacity, to criticize it.

In to whom I drew your attention, I put her back on the usual fever treatment, which she has continued to have ever since. Over there in that field are large pumpkins large oak under which we are sitting bears mind it would have seemed more probable that the slender vine should have produced acorns and the large tree, the giant of the forest, should have produced pumpkins.

Only a certain quantity of electricity can be used about the human body, and that quantity is not large, the maximum being about forty milliamperes. Very little milk there was for it indeed; and the only use of the nipple must have been as a sort of opiate. When no longer on the medication his previous symptoms reappeared. The remedy is a heroic one, and it would, doubtless, work excellent results if it were faithfully applied. The medical man practices vivisection (with the smallest possible infliction of pain on the animal vivisected) not because he is selfishly greedy after the'hidden things of the life of the flesh,' but because he wants to nod out what is the matter with you, verbose sir, or sentimental madam; because he is striving his utmost to devise means for saving you from misery and anguish: for mitigating the agonies of the ills that rack the joints or fire the veins, or that'in the deeper vitals rage.' He is no worshipper of knowledge as of an idol. The accumulated sputum is more incUned office to remain distal in the bronchi, from the resistance to its exit afforded by pressure. The proteids, particularly the nucleoproteids, should be materiaUy reduced, but wikipedia not entirely cut off. If removal is painful, the entire fixture can be laid upon the couch at night, but ordinarily the sliding upon a bed is not harmful, provided extension is maintained. At first the mixture was clear and colorless, but, after some hours' standing, became green. Coupons - in his interesting paper on"Sewer -gas a Cause of Throat Disease," in the Medical Record of September i, import. Accordingly I abandoned the original purpose of the operation and amputated that portion of the tumor which had been isolated by the strong ligature passed about funding the constriction, introduced a drainage tube into the deep sulcus which I had excavated around the tumor, and brought the external wound together with interrupted sutures. A mixture of blood-cells renders the serum darker, but it is not less useful. In some cases great improvement followed this treatment. Solution, instilling two drops three times, at intervals of five minutes. If the addict resumed his drugs, the process could be repeated. I mean that the constant movement and annoyance arising; from the chorea still further weaken the already weakened and predisposed body, and so instead of tending to recovery naturally tend to a prolongation of the malady. The patient had been confined six months previous. The incision on the inner side was nearly healed throughout; the granulations on the other side were healthy and secreting laudable pus. He gives a homely illustration in the recited history of two families who resided as next door neighbors in one of the eastern towns address of his State. I have already stated my objections to them.


The scarred portion of the officer's scalp was cut out down to periosteum, and was replaced by a piece of the Tartar's scalp: The progress of the case had been entirely satisfactory, the man was now able to swallow, and was convalescent. He thinks that the trachoma granule, follicle, or whatever name we may give it, is a deposit of material analogous in character to tubercle.