It occurs in hard, porous masses, of a grayish-blue color, which, on exposure, become covered with produced in the first stage of the manufacture of sodium carbonate from sodium sulphate; prepared by heating the latter with its own weight of fimestone and half its weight of fine coal. She said, realizing that she was dying, that her husband had poisoned her.

Infection through the air for relatively short distances, that is, within a few feet of the natient (or carrier), is quite possible in case the specific agent is present in the secretions of the nose and throat when forcibly thrown out in small particles in forced expiratory efforts, as in coughing, crying, or sneezing.

So we are no nearer a satisfactory solution of the plan than before. They were formerly considered deobstruent, detergent, and diuretic. Opposite to the transverse fissure of that organ, it divides, like an artery, into two branches, which, by their union, seem to form a canal or of the liver, whither they are accompanied by a prolongation of the fibrous capsule of that organ, of the vena porta are devoid of valves. In bulbar paralysis, is generally a sign that it is complicated either by progressive muscular atrophy or with sclerosis of the brain and spinal It is admitted by all observers that affections of the pupillary branch of the third pair, such as mydriasis, myosis, and inequality of the pupils, are of comparatively frequent occurrence among all classes of the insane. A antimony trisulphide and a basic sulphate of antimony obtained by heating antimony with sulphuric acid till the product assumes a grayish hue, washing with water, and drying. Readers are probably all of them familiar with the fundamental difference that exists between a student in the true scholastic sense of that term, and the automatic organisms which. The cool nights, which are characteristic of the whole coast, lead to a rapid condensation of the atmospheric moisture borne in by the daily breeze from the sea. The image or representation of "blog" an object in the mind; from uiu,' I see.' Ide'a, Fixed or Prxdom'ihant, Pdea fiaooi Ideopeg'ma. The disease under consideration Is without question neurotic in origin.

The latter ointment, that is, the difficulty of securing properly-made prejwirations.

The lesions in the lumbar enlargement were notewortliy from the fact that BOSTON MEDICAL AND SURGICAL JOURNAL The gray matter showed no noteworthy alterations, other than hyperpigmentation of cell bodies. The action of this drug was to convert hemoglobin into methemoglobin; in other words, it does just what chlorate of potassium does when it produces poisoning. Another variety of disease, seen usually in scrofulous subjects, described by one of us (Duhring), manifests itself as small pinhead- to pea-sized, disseminated, yellowish, flat papulo-pustules upon a red or violaceous base, which slowly dry to crusts, and leave punched-out-looking scars resembling those of variola.

A pnaotura is made into the vein, and the desired quantity allowed to flow. Thalaetolu'trum, (F.) Bain de Mer. The instrument is not sensitive enough for ordinary use, but a similar device is used for measuring very and facility of accurate reading. Resolution ia one of the terminations of inflammation, in which the inflamed part returns gradually, and without suppuration, to the healthy condition,'I sound.'' A return of sound.' A resounding; a reverberation of sounds. He considers that the indiscriminate use of morphine by physicians is the cause of a large proportion of the evil. Los Angeles had, during February and March, forty-five c of small-pox with nine deaths. It gives off branches to the pancreas and to the duodenum, and anastomoses with the inferior THE MESENTERIC ARTERIES AND THEIR BRANCHES. Belonging or having reference to the being found on the side of the psoas muscle, or betwixt that and the iliacus intemus. Of the horse, which enters the spinal canal by the anterior foramen of the atlas, where it divides into two branches. Other evidences of scrofula are usually present. He would like to refer to the use of the sphygmomanometer in clinical the Civil War, a very frequent symptom that was observed was an extremely low blood pressure. Your poor husband is battling against the breakers, but he will come into port and although tossed and wounded on the will soon sight land, my wife. It is partially covered over in the virgin by a fold of mucous The vulvo-vaginal glands, or the glands of Bartholin, are two in number, situated anterior to the hymen, each with a single duct opening The bulbi vestibuli, on either side of the vestibule, extend downward from the clitoris for about one inch. Nachet, and his testimony to its successful operation in Berlin, St.

LACrVAR VsilTRICULI QtJARTI SUPERIOR, Val essentials LACUNE VB LA LANQUE, Cajcum foramen. Instantly there was an explosion, and the index, medius, and thumb were blown off entirely, while the ring finger hung by a shred of flesh. A name given to the imponderable fluid to which the magnet owes itf virtues. Ludwig's theory was that the glomeruli are little more than filters, and that the urine in a dilute form is taken out of the blood by the glomeruli (by filtration), and that in its passage through the tubules these latter absorb some of the water.

For nearly twenty the authority, h'd upon the revenues and parceled out the When it became apparent that California would soon become part of the United States, Governors Aivarado and Pico made haste to distribute among- their retainers and friends all the ungranted lands, and their grants were, for the most part, held valid by the Government of the United States.