Halm's tracheotomy-tubo was used during the operation, and was left in for two days. His operations are performed in a small room heated by an open grate fire, and but poorly supplied with light.

There was a large perforation in the tympanic membrane which did not look recent, the upper part of the membrane was thick and granular, the long process of the malleus was not seen, no sagging whatever of the posterior or superior wall of the canal was present, there was no redness or acute otii is were at once instituted, and the patient kept under close Although the appearance of the ear did not correspond with the history given by the patient, it was not until several days after her admission to the hospital, when the patient's mother was tedj that the following additional and important information was obtained.

By this method the x-rays are delivered through a delivery tube.

If they do so, they will go far to wreck a project the success of which is of vast importance to metropolitan schools, and to the practitioners of England and Wales, of which the carriage is for the moment entrusted to the keeping of the Colleges, but which is by no means their exclusive concern. The important fact, however, is simply, i I would rather not speculate further than to point often long continued jiriainsm; that this condition, unnatural in the infant, must produce after a time a certain irritability or irritation of the lumbar spinal i pelvis and lower limbs are given off; that the influ ence of spinal irritation on the troiihic nerves is well known; and that just at this particular period large trophic changes are in i)rogress about the hip joint." During the time that he was collecting these loo cases! large proportion of them he found vulvitis, vaginitis, protruding nymphre or nympha; covered by a cuticular surface. He uses an ointment of from one tc three grams of perchloride of iron to thirty grams of lard. This beef powder can be taken in various ways; with hot water or soup, with mashed potatoes, with bread and butter in a sandwich, or with a little pepsin in a starch water. Such are exostosis, or an old callous perforation of the membrane, which, as long as the former does not materially lessen the calibre of the meatus, or the latter effects only slight changes in position, and interferes only in a small degree objective examination of the parts.

Measles is very prevalent in the town of Elbow; and from Leney, a town forty miles west of Saskatoon, come reports of a smallpox epidemic. For wounds upon the shoulder the bandage is cut into two ecjual parts, of which one is folded in cravat form and is used as a upon the wounded shoulder in such a manner that the point shall be upon the side of the neck and the superior border upon the middle of the forearm.

It may be iigated in various places and the whole cut otT without injury. At the same time it becomes harder and a digital impression persists if oedema is slightly marked, but is impossible to obtain if infiltration is accentuated.

If an Assistant Surgeon is on sick leave, undoubtedly his only official duty is to get well; and presumably the Medical Department of the Army is the judge of this matter, though undoubtedly"Inquirer" might take the Surgeon-General into his confidence if he thinks the officer is not recovering quickly enough, or his is not attending to his duty under the second heading, it might on. Many of them can be over-corrected by persistence of the method outlined above reviews for about two to four months.

The diet should consist of skimmed milk, chicken or mutton soup, beef bioth or other liquid diet.

He makes two scissors cuts, one on each side of the laceration, splitting the tissues from the centre line laterally and forward. The irrationalism is all the same, and, although the superstitious details may differ, the piety and zeal originate in the same sources and tend to the same ends. - "He operated for cancer of the breast by removing the breast, clearing the ribs of all muscle tissue, and removing the axillary glands, the exact counterpart of the modern For the first operation on Venable, Long, THE VIRGINIA MEDIC AL SEMI-MONTHLY, haying previously told Venable that he would do the work for a nominal fee, charged two dollars including the cost of the ether which hundred dollars for a breast operation" (Da Long's affidavits abundantly and convincingly prove that from the first he made no secret of his discovery but verbally imparted the knowledge of it to the physicians of his section of Georgia and urged them to use it, and that it was known and discussed far and wide over the State. Prof Stokes remarks that the rationale of the treatment remains as yet unexplained, although he admits a possible solution of of the affected part." Prof Stokes differs from Mr.

Sydenham thought that smallpox was due"to a spontaneous effort new shape." Stubbe criticizes him thus in his lines beginning:"Whether Dr. " A Manual of Instruction in the Principles of Prompt Aid to the Bellevue Hospital Dispensary, New York.