Beneath the intestines was the tumor lying on the lumbar vertebrae, with its long axis extended transversely across the abdomen. For these reasons, it was felt that use of medium involving an agar base would not only facilitate technical operations, but would also the liquid portion is removed by use of a meat press and the albuminoid substances coagulated by bringing to the boiling point. He concluded by moving the reference of the paper to the Committee on Publication. They are in daily communication with children of all classes and orders of society.

They are authorized to direct the killing of animals afflicted with or exposed to pleuropneumonia and other fatal and contagious diseases. From hence it is gradually absorbed, and chiefly during the next five or six hours; after which the patient voids a good deal of urine, and often perspires pretty freely. The intrauterine positive, when used in sufficient, strength to cauterize, say fifty to one hundred milliamperes, will bring about an exfoliation of the spongy and vascular mucous membrane and at the same time acting as a sure and safe haemostatic, reducing the size and weight of the organ, and by its interpolar action strengthening the uterine supports: coupon. An indication of the great increase in the floating or transient population of the city is seen in the fact THE PETITION FOR A STAY OF PROCEEDINGS Soon after the assassination of President Garfield we expressed the opinion, to which we still adhere, insane, however, than the available evidence seemed to make him at that time. I removed it and a large quantity of coagulated blood at the same time, and the uterus was made to contract by friction and strong pressure over the pubis, in which state it was firmly bound review down by a broad bandage and compress. In the lateral operation the prostate is divided on the left side, and as the duct penetrates the lower part of the substance of the gland in order to reach the urethra, and as the knife divides the side of the gland obliquely inwards and upwards, or outwards and downwards, the duct will not be in danger; and even if it should be cut, the duct on the right side will remain: bbb. It seemed to communicate inwardly with the lower small intestine, and the external opening presented midway between the umbilicus and symphysis pubis. Aside from this the patient is quite well. Having lived with extreme economy, as he says, and having failed to find editoiial employment on the Trihitne or Independent, he was glad to return to the Community. - in the privacy of our intercourse, with the modesty characteristic of the man, he would tell me some of his experiences, giving credit, always, to his"men." There was one event, however, of which he could make no other than himself the hero. If the inoculated guinea-pig dies it should be examined promptly, gross lesions noted, smears made from the site of injection, and liver surface; and cultures made from the heart blood in liver agar, glucose septique, is injected into a guinea-pig and cultures are made from the heart blood. The subjects for nerve preparation are laid at,once in a forty-live per cent, solution of alcohol. The death-rate from diphtheria is twice as great, and that from scarlet fever five times as great as in the preceding period of six months. Occasionally, indeed, it produces great mental disturbance and uneasiness, or vomiting, or dryness of tongue; and, in such cases, if a change of the preparation does not bring better results, the medicine may have to be given up, or used only to produce sleep. A circular constriction, by a thread drawn round the tube, caused a murmur, which was blowing or whizzing accorchng to mouth of an India-rubber bottle, produced a blowing sound when it impinged directly on an opposite surface, such as the side of the recipient or the end of the stethoscope; but unless the current were verv strong, this sound was not produced when the current played on the surface very obliquely. But, in addition to what remained to be done when cold weather suspended operations, there must since have accrued, in many cases, accumulations of filth and refuse which should now be promptly removed; defects in plumbing, drainage and sewerage, disclosed during the winter, should be repaired; and the effects of the occupancy of dormitories, workshops, wards, cells and other apartments should be remedied by a thorough spring The officers in charge of almshouses, jails, and other public buildings under control of the County Board, are notified to commence this work at once. A mass of maggots was seen freely moving in the cavity. In the medulla the alterations were found in foci, while they were most marked beneath the ependyraa above the longitudinal furrow of the calamus scnptorius. It is sequent treatment of this case, as the neuralgic pains from code this He had afterwards a pain in the forehead and vertex, but which was different from the former one, being increased by coughing. Fabrini has resorted to this novel method of transfusion in cases of oligaemia with the best results, as indicated not only by the improvement in the general condition of the patient, but also by the increase in the relative number of the red corpuscles, and in the quantity of htemoglobin.