The beneficial effects are supposed to be due to some pecular action on the intestinal mucous membrane, as pointed out several years ago, in a paper by the late Dr.

As one woman expressed it,"We have to pay taxes; why should we not get something for it V The same thing applies to all other hospitals. The left ventricle and aorta, however, presented a far more singular phenomenon.

The son, George II, knew no law but his passions.

Schmidt, of Kolding, Denmark, the discoverer of the successful modern treatment for milk fever, recommends as a substitute for bacterins the infusion into the udder of equal parts of absolute alcohol and glycerine. Whenever after a chill, even though very slight, supervening on a wound or operation, the appearance of this eruption is found, we may aflB.rm that purulent infection has occurred with sufficient certainty to enable The bromide of lithium, which was introduced into therapeutics a few years ago, is a very estimable remedy with sedative and litl Owing to its richness in bromine, which lithia per cent, which it contains, are capable of neutralizing a considerable quantity of uric acid, seeing that one part of lithia neutralizes four been demonstrated in the Paris hospitals and in private practice, the bromide of lithium is indifferently employed in cases of nerve disturbance or in manifestations of the uric acid diathesis. In neither of the adults was there evidence of the condition growing out from primary ulcers; the one upon whom pylorectomy was done showed no such evidence whatever, but, on the other hand, microscopic study of the specimen removed showed true connective tissue hyperplasia. Heart, and oftener in the auricles than in the ventricles. The technique is thoroughly gone into and an operator shoild be able to follow in complete detail any of the operations described. Lifebuoy Soap is a real cleanser and germ killer.

The potash I have never seen recommended by any of the authorities as an application to the middle ear, but used it upon general principles, as I have applied it in cases of ophthalmia from the ear, with great impairment of hearing, since an attack of scarlatina in infancy. In summing up the foregoing: First, cleanse the wound thoroughly and cauterize; second, place animal in dark box stall, plenty of ventilation, good hygienic treatment and practise quietness. Tendons of extensor brevis and longus divided in first operation. It, therefore, becomes the duty of all taxpayers to contribute the cost land maintain institutions for the care of the sick.

The prostate is much enlarged and readily felt, by rectal examination, surrounding the neck of the bladder. Later this year, PPRC will receive determination of which respondents were balance billed and how balance billing corresponded to beneficiary income. A case of carcinoma of the pancreas, presenting all the typical symptoms, was selected by Ernest Meyer, of the Universitats'Klinik, in Halle a. He commences at first with a pill of one centigramme (about yVijths of a grain), increasing the amount by one pill until an effect is produced, and he limits this to fifteen days. This paper, however, has been written to occupy but twenty minutes, because I am an earnest advocate of the doctrine of short sermons, "reviews" short speeches, and rapid transit, and because I believe that he who says much says little.

I have brought this case to jour notice as corneal inflammation, due to simallpox is now-a-days so rarely seen.

A great deal of it was lost in the capillaries, but there was still enough pressure left in the beginning of the venous system to force the blood onward. If every member of the state medical society would make a personal effort and do his duty In helping to create and establish a proper sentiment against this evil, it would soon be checked; but what is everyone's business is not done by anyone.

John Gunn, of the Village of Ailsa Craig, Esq., M.B., to be an Associate Coroner in and for the to Mrs. The mother at that time stated that she had lost a little girl a few months previously from a large fungus growth of the eye, beginning as Ida's did, which was removed by operation, resulting in death sliortly after. O modifying geographic multipliers, and o setting the conversion factor. His quick and discriminating powers of observation naturally inclined him to notice the habits and economy of animals, and give him his taste for the study of Natural History. The different preparations of antimony and mercury, met at their hands a cordial reception. He had at present in The question of the place of meeting was also considered and a sub-committee appointed to make inquiries and engage the Our confreres are aware of the very important step that was taken by the English Committee of organization in suggesting the formation of Propaganda Committees in the various countries of the world, where veterinarians could organize themselves, in view of an attendance at London, where the Congress will be held. It occurs more often after ether but the most prolonged cases follow chloroform. Full doses of iodides and mercury may review be beneficial when the most marked acute symptoms subside.

Heckel: Every little aid helps in dealing with children.

The mechanism of this conduction may be thus the walls of the air tubes, but by the air tubular sound heard of er hepatized lung is a transmitted sound originating at a distance sounds are the same phenomena heard at different spots, and alike produced by the passage of air through the aperture of the glottis.