Prominent physicians of New Mexico, Las Vegas. No pohcy should be issued after an attack of gallstones until three years have elapsed with no recurrence. Health and beauty are usually inseperable companions; and when it is attempted, by artificial means, to change the appearance of the latter, which Nature intended should remain the same, the former necessarily becomes impaired, and fatal results must sooner or ideas of beauty in these degenerate times.

The two last gave him up to die a few days before I saw him. Unlike carcinoma, the tumors are usually quite distinct.

Furnishes at a moment's call every article that is wanted to relieve and comfort the afflicted in such an affectionate and motherly manner that a person, when under their care almost forgets that The Infirmary and Medicine Store are so nearly situated that no delay is caused in procuring such articles as the case of the patient may require. The seat of pain most diagnostic of disease of these organs is situated tMO inches to the inner side of the superior iliac spine on the left.

Softening had taken place already in some. Lie was soon after completely cured, but he afterwards became a complete sot, and was, in all probability, at the time of reporting the case, in his grave.

The blood and mucus sent to Washington also yielded negative results. New Method to Determine the Quantity of Milk to Be Given to Artificially artificial feeding of new-born infants, and which he has found to be extremely valuable in nearly all cases in which artificial feeding was required.

Clinicians, who have observed very marked improvement follow decapsulation in a small but certain number of cases, have been at a loss to understand the cause of the change. We copy the annexed account from the Saturday Cour" M. The tumor measured WHAT CASES"I NASAL CATARRH REQUIRE SURGICAL Almost everj nasal chamber will exhibit irregularities and abnormalities of some kind.

The alveolar process had been originally widely cleft, and the edges, though now approximated, were not in could, working with curved knives, from the edges of the fissure incisions were cautiously made, bo as to allow the flaps to meet easily for a few lines in the hope that a bar might be got across tingap, as a basis for further operations. In the early stages it is extremely difiicult, and often impossible, to realise that the condition is something more than a simple febrile disorder. In addition to the small size there is usually considerable deformity of the skull, the forehead being low and receding, the face narrow, and the palate very high-arched: The cases I have detailed show, without exception, that the floss of I power of coordinating the muscles of speecli is directly associated with this hemiplegia. The most frequent form of cancer met with in the human body, statistics ranging from those of cent, of the total number of cases. In one of the great eastern cities, a diagnosis of gastric ulcer was made and rectal feedin.g resorted to for three weeks. In extreme cases where there is much irritation of the nervous system a sedative would be indicated. Each one of these subdivisions is discussed with Of the whole group, perhaps the most interesting is centered upon the discussion of the urinary changes.

The explanation for these changes in fiber composition is not yet clear but they probably reflect differences in the physiology of these muscles with age. Old-standing valvular disease makes the outlook worse, but it is by no means rare for a first attack of carditis to prove fatal in a child. Contains the German army in France last fall and winter.