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Through our sales representatives who call on you, and your letters to us, we know that this is the type of laity The reproduction on the facing page is the latest example of this advertising: Colin of Vienna, but as far as it has been tried in this country far beyond its merits.

In addition, ten other cases of pneumonia due to the pneumococcus were treated. This latter observation seemed to show that the cause of the disease was not present on the body, in the clothing, or the dejecta. Simpson concluded his pamphlet thus: deaths in hospital practice as compared with rural practice; in our palatial hospitals as compared with our rural villages and cottages; in large wards as compared with isolated rooms, is certainly much greater and more pronounced than I myself expected when I began the present enquiry. Idiosyncracies, delusions, hallucinations, illusions, etc., the form of insanity, the relation the patient occupies to the surroundings and above all must thoroughly upon the nurse in mental cases than in physical sickness, because she must, in mental cases, think for the patient as well as for herself. During the last few years he has adopted as a routine measure a three weeks' post-operative course of radium, and is of opinion that it is owing to this practice that his permanent results have been better than those reported by other writers.

Jones and David Morgan: Arch, of the Roentgen Hay BOSTON MEDICAL AND SURGICAL JOURNAL THE MASSACHUSETTS MEDICAL SOCIETY. County Medical Society in the McCurdy Hotel, Evansville. And it has also sometimes occurred, that the ovulum or vesicle that has been detached in the ovarium has been incapable of making its In all these cases, the progress of impregnation still goes forward though in an imperfect manner, and with an imperfect development of organs, and we are hence furnished with the three following distinct species of extrauterine gestation: OVARIAN EXFBTATION. Scamahorn, Pittsboro (Hendricks) Thomas M. We can never do this until general accuracy is attained by the use of a stained specimen of blood under the microscope.

But the wide and irregular fluctuations from day to day and from hour to hour in spite of the fact that the meals were taken at regular intervals, remain to be accounted for. The first is often due to an impacted stone in the cystic duct that caufies increased tension in the gall bladder. In other words, the cases of mania in which there were strong discrepancies in the intensity of the different symptoms were those which presented a less favorable outlook than those in which there existed a certain harmony in the Plaster of Paris, and How to Use It. That le liquor amnii is analogous in its appearance to the Ibumen of a hen's egg, which forms the proper nourishiient of the young chick: that it is found in the stomach lid mouths of viviparous animals when first born; and lat it diminishes in its volume in proportion to the growth To these- arguments it was replied by Professor Monro, Opposed by it becomes those who maintain the contrary to determine what other office can be allotted to it; and that, till this is satisfactorily done, it is more consistent with reason to doubt the few and unsatisfactory cases at that time brought forward, than to perplex ourselves with facts directly contradictory of each other.

She served as nurse during the Civil War at the Jlilitary State Hospital at Manchester, N. What was to be done? The greatest authority in Britain, if not in Europe, Sir James Paget, was then called in. AVith this specimen I am kindly allowed to show one somewhat similar from the Eoyal College of Surgeons' Unfortunately there is no clinical record to the specimen. But on the tongue it did not produce the least corrosive effect. In France the check which this keeps it from general usage.

The patient was a poorly nourished complained of pains in the left costo-sternal region. It is, however, in connection with the subject of amblyopia and amaurosis and the changes which take place in the nervous portions of the eye that the influence of malarial infection develops the greatest interest. Brambilla's inaugural address caused much bad feeling among the physicians. He claims that these glands represent the aerial port of entry of the Koch bacillus. Undoubtedly it exists in many cases without being suspected. Professional anarchy is not conducive to the highest professional development.

This was followed by anasarca, the oedema commencing in the lower extremities and increasing very rapidly. There were spasmodic contractions of the abdomen. Therefore when I say, after deliberation and a familiarity with the emotional productions of Oscar Wilde and Richard Strauss, that' Salome' is a detailed and explicit e.xposition of the most horrible, disgusting, revolting and unmentionable features ever heard, read of, or imagineil.

" I have seen; "" lymphatic vessel," says Mr.