Venomous plants, or such as produce volatile oila, wither and die if made to absorb the poisonous substancee of their own production. The degree and character of the resultant scarring probably depends upon the depth to which the ulceration had extended. Embarrassing as it is for a case in the hospital wards, surrounded by every modern aid, to go for days with the cause unknown, it becomes doubly so in private practice. Edebohls, New York; James Clifton Edgar, New York; James P. Tinguishing features of this physician's work, was that he always insisted on his patients going to one certain optician in his city for their glasses, and much as was his confidence in this man's ability he always had the patient return with the glasses to him, so that he could be sure that they were perfectly made and adjusted. Considering the enormous expenditures incurred by Government for supplying the British navy with timber for ship-building, as now obtained from North America and the Baltic, it might be an object highly worthy of attention to establish a naval arsenal or depot in the ColonieF, where abundant materials might be obtained at comparatively trifling expense: and no part of the world, perhaps, offers so great advantages to this end as the united colonies of Essequibo, Demerara, and Berbice. As so often happens when a new drug is introduced, two cases of atoxyl amblyopia and collects token the cases in the literature. This local factor may introduction of the Workmen's Compensation Act and the National Insurance Act malingering and valetudinarianism have become much more frequent The work is based on a large personal experience. It is possible that in both cases the stagnation of duodenal content in the diverticula led to a chronic catarrh of the duodenum, and that swelling of the papilla accounted in part for the biliary stasis.

When local conditions or the character of the bacteria lead to an infection of the catarrhal inflammatory type in the bile tracts, suppuration does not take place, but the deposit of cholesterin and bile salts about a focus of bacterial activity leads to gallstone formation. A second result is scleroses which are formed in the liver, pancreas and heart, owing to the disappearance of the parenchymatous cells in places and the subsequent shrinkage and coalescence of the stroma. For some years I have used with great satisfaction for this purpose a chart quickly ruled, with a space for each hour of the day and night, giving instructions to mark with an X each coughing fit in its appropriate place, and at the bottom of each column to note the daily total.

In greenhouses mildew is troublesome especially in spring end fall when temperature fluctuations afford high humidity. If it be most to bo found among tea-drinkers, the reason is, that tea is one of the stated amusements of the idle and lusurious. Among its advantages may be enumerated its convenient size, the vast information it contains, the clearness with which it is presented and the original methods adopted with reference to the order of the arrangement. We have therefore very good reasons for excluding all proposed possibilities excepting bronchiolar spasm as the cause of acute emphysema. Previous diseases consisted of pertussis as a child, measles, malaria, tropical ulcers on both knees, and intermittent dysentery with mucoid stools between the ages of eighteen and twenty years while in the Philippines. Lactoglobulin showed an aminoacid make-up similar to that of globulin from ox-blood, but marked differences were found between lactalbumin and serum albumin. When we selected the name COLUMBIA for our product, we established a standard that represented the"top-notch" quality, and it has always been and always will be our constant aim to maintain this degree of excellence. I will give some other definitions: It is an exudation of liquor sanguinis, but when there is an exudation of liquor sanguinis there is not always inflamination, and a mere determination of blood to a part is not inflammation, but congestion.

Fortunately the increased volume of the intestinal contents provokes a large stool and the bowels are partially emptied. Cases of tumours of bone presenting the typical structure of thyroid tissue but occurring in patients with no demonstrable primary cases of this interesting condition. Try hypodermic injections of ether.