The plain indication, then, is to control the production of this heat, to so influence the nerve centers as to make a high temperature impossible.

He does not think that now there is such marked nervous disturbance in typhoid cases as obtained before this practice came in vogue. The gist of it is that he is like the New York aldermen who advocated the purchase of a male and female gondola for the lake in Central Park, in that he believes in letting nature take its course. But ulcers and growths in the bladder present peculiar difficulties, which may long baffle diagnosis. The work is published with black and colored plates. There are four measures which will be on the ballot at the ensuing November election vitally affecting the public coupon health; these measures also seriously affect some of our very important industries and the material prosperity of the community, aside from bearing upon public health demands the most serious consideration of all classes of citizens. This is especially noticeable in the posterior limbs. The amendments of the regulations were originally suggested by the Board of Examiners; they provided that no person should be admitted to the examination who had not attained the full age of twenty-one years, and that no person should be allowed to pass the examination who had not been for three years either registered as a student, or otherwise practically engaged in the translation and dispensing of prescriptions. In remittents, this is decidedly the best way of giving the sulphate of quinine. " From this we conclude," says Dr. At the present time, he.has lost the use of the muscles of his back altogether; his legs and feet are stifl, and his feet turned in; he lies constantly in bed.

The upper part of the right cheek presented an extensive, irregular ulceration with raised hard edges, a nodular base and a foul discharge.

Yandell thoughtthe significance of'stercoraceous vomiting was much exaggerated by the profession, both in gut wounds and gut obstruction. Treatment of Wounds of the Sinuses of the of controlling haemorrhage from one of the sinuses. Home treatment and occasional sojourn in the Catskill Mountains for two years, then a sojourn in Colorado for six months, is now linkedin in good health.

Reviews - upon this discovery, the bacteriologist of the health office of the port went to Washington with the specimens referred to, and will be removed to Swinburne Island for observation. With some preparation of these I combine tincture of mix vomica, if the disease has been very protracted and the prostration of the nervous system As my practice has been limited to a country where almost every disease is to some extent complicated by malaria, quinine is often included in the treatment of most of When an irritable stomach prevents administration by mouth, its effects may be readily obtained by its unctuous application Tho Medical Press and Circular is in the jubilee year of its existence, having been Owing to some peculiarities attending these cases, I deemed it of sufficient importance to report them. With boric acid the transformation is very curious. Let us consider now the merits of the situation where the physician has written a prescription and handed it to the patient for presentation to a pharmacist for filling.

Then, as to the effect upon the urine and the kidney: the urine becomes scanty in proportion to the degree of venous congestion and the consequent tardiness of the blood-stream through the kidney. When the patient is properly secured in bed and the limb drawn away from the pelvis by a weight and pulley, traction and fixation are each aiding and are equally important. With castor code oil and quinine, labor began without difficulty about' eight o'clock that evening. The sudden appearance of this fresh tumor and its extraordinarily rapid development would perhaps seem to be indicative of an acute inflammatory process rather than of the formation of a new growth; THE AMERICAN PRACTITIONER AND NEWS. Bright's Disease, Diabetes, Ciout, Rheumatism Metropolitan Hospital, etc.