Respiratory sounds distinct, and without rale; no cough. Paleness of the mucous membranes was due to the inferior -tate of the blood, produced by streptococcic infection. She is in good condition, has no defects of conformation, no appreciable lesions, except a double thoroughpin on the left leg. Sometimes the fingers are all in rotation applied to the thumb, beginning with the little finger, as if he were rolling some object between their tips. The cortex of the so-called motor centres is essential for the reproduction of memories performed, and which can be performed again easily and readily only by the aid of the corresponding innervation memories.

As a result of his experimental ork and studies of clinical cases Cushing prefers to group the conditions isociated with disturbance of the function of the gland under the term lyspituitarism" and recognizes a number of groups: (a) Cases of tumor growth showing signs of distortion of neighboring ructures, and also the constitutional effects of altered glandular activity. The erythema is more intense on the neck than in the adjacent parts, and when a goitre is present, may be limited to the skin over it, or if the goitre is unilateral it may be more intense on the corresponding side. La deshydration du pancreas dans le coma CowiE, D.

She was in a condition of creat debility, with loss of appetite and various symptoms, among others a pain on stooping, referred to the right sacro-iliac joint. He represented the Medical Library Association on a Joint Committee, sponsored by the Council of National Library Associations, which was organized to survey the relationships between libraries and the federal government. I may, however, claim the same right with regard to the exactness of my own observations; and these contradict the assertions of the two observers. It is of little use talking of what might have been in such a case. As the contagious properties of rotheln are not pronounced, and as they are soon exhausted, isolation, should it be desirable, need not be as protracted as with scarlatina, smallpox, measles, etc. He has persistent slight albuminuria, none of the many specimens passed at all hours having ever been found free from albumen. Twenty years ago a practical chemical laboratory had been instituted by him, and although the course in it had always been optional, the success attending it had been such that for the last three years one half of the members of the graduating class had enjoyed the advantages alforded by it. Christison; demonstration given by Dr Foulis; patient shown by Dr Allan Jamieson; specimen shown by Mr J. Usually first observed in the extremities, especially one or both hind legs; it may also appear on the fore legs, shoulder or neck, more rarely on the rump, udder and scrotum.

Letters referring to a recent Journal article should be received within six weeks of new President, Norman Zlotsky, M.D. People are generally more comfortable in situations in which they are not the only one of a kind or one This issue has become, for female students, a less pressing one since about one third of each entering medical school class is made up of women. This occurs most frequently from injury to the peripheral sensory leurones within the pcnpberal nerves, and the area of ana?sthesia depends ipon the nerve injured.

Moreover, Oertel, in the course of his" pathological is true that diphtheria is a general infectious disease, which, secondarily, makes its first local diphtheria is induced in an animal by the introduction of diphtheritic poison, must the disease of necessity always localize itself secondarily upon the mucous membrane of the throat, This emi)hatically declares diphtheria to be, not a constitutional disease with a local lesion, but a local lesion which produces a constitutional disturbance. A drainage-tube was inserted, and the joint washed out by a solution of carbolic acid, one to forty.