In the way of treatment, it claims only soothing embrocations, and the application of flannel, cotton batting, or wool to the neck, with some anodyne remedy if the pain lie considerable. G.ithorne Hardy replied that, in respect to the second part of the question, he was informed that there were not in the office any documents such as those described. Hektoen," A New Pathogenic Pigment-producing Bacillus,""The Renal Form of Enteric Fever," by Dr. It is likewise injurious to the efiect that there should be not more than one opening into the abscess; for in that case not only is the vibrating force diminished, but the counter motions of sound destroy all vibration. It is hardly possible to understand the nature of this phase of Insanity without being well aware at the outset of the study that every sense is liable to express, by the mode in which it performs its function, the existence of cerebral disease; as when light things feel heavy, small things seem large, hot things feel cold; or when the senses are liable, from the irritation of the brain or other cause to become morbidly active, the patient seeing persons or hearing discourses when no such person is present, and no such discourse is related.

If these are tardy, he exerts gentle friction over the uterus.

When it is displaced, it can be only displaced downwards aud iuwards. JSTumerous bands of connective-tissue pass from it to neighboring organs, such as the diaphragm, colon, stomach. Fuller's case there was a recurrence of catarrhous symptoms every winter for eleven years, accompanied by the expectoration of small pieces of plastic matter, after which time the disease was not limited to the winter months, but followed any exposure to cold or damp, or change of weather. Secondary hiemorrhage is impossible where an aseptic ligature is put on the vessel which stays without provoking suppuration; which never comes away; never relaxes its gripou the vessel; and around which the reparative material forms just as well as it would if no foreign body were there. In consequence of the similarity iu nomenclature of the terms employed to define such diseases." The work is monographic in the true sense of the word; but in addition to a valuable historical sketch, and a discussion of opinions hitherto expressed, the writers have gone further and added greatly to our division of neuroglia cells under the influence of a toxic agent, and details regarding the habits and properties of the exciting organism of the affection, so that we may justly look upon this monograph as one of the most valuable contributions to scientific medicine of reference. Cicatrization is promoted indirectly by remedies which arrest the peristaltic movements of the stomach and quiet the irritability of the organ, in other words, remedies which have reference to the first object of treatment, viz., securing as much rest as possible; and for this end their direct action.

The presence of pus, lymph, mucus, and blood at times, if not frequently or constantly, is the important point in the differential diagnosis. Hattie B., aged nineteen, single, came to my clinic at from exophthalmic goitre. Three patients (one an infant nine months old) were admitted for contusions and lacerations caused by the falling in of a side of a house in Ratcliffe. If I were to retire to-morrow in his favour, in order to prevent the medical interest from being divided, as has been suggested, the only result would be to give an easy triumph to the legal candidate.

In doing this, he exerts a voluntary power over the limb. He has reported several series of cases during the past ten years: The expiring act of the heart in dying drove the remaining few drops of blooil out of the artery, and when this vessel was opened after death it was found to be empty, and was supposed to have carried air instead of blood; whereas the vein after death was found loaded with blood, and this was supposed to be the circulation of the blood through the veins, and not through the to the admission of air into them when they are cut. Gjnnnastics are good; but, if mental training becomes subordinate to muscidar, our Universities must lose much of their prestige as centres of education. There was not the slightest history of obstetric paralysis. The throat is heart-sounds are clear and strong.

Paronoiacs never commit crimes of that sort, usually acting under the influence of delusion or hallucination. As the treatment of asphyxia neonatorum is foreign to the purpose of this paper, it is assumed that the child breathes, cries, and expands his lungs: then iu four or live minutes the funis is tied with sterilized bobbiu about an inch and a half from the umbilicus, and again, for the sake of cleanliness and to avoid the possibility of bleeding an unsuspected twin, a short distance nearer the placenta.

ABSTRACT OF A CLINICAL LECTURE The following is an abstract of a very full report of the case taken by informed him that his heart was affected, but he had had no s)-mptums referrible to it until four months ago. We claim the indulgence of our correspondents. A METHOD OF UNITING THE DIVIDED INTESTINE. If death take place early, only a small portion of the ileum may have passed the valve.