And among the various factors which enter into the etiology of an"acid intoxication," the most common may be found in either improper feeding or insufficient nourishment while under the effects of continued In considering a faulty diet, it is well known that an exclusively proteid diet favors the production of an aeetonuria. Their alcohol-content also is If we have determined with sufficient accuracy the calorific value of a diet, we must, in order to get our bearings, have a standard with which to compare it; and such standards we must get from the physiologist. Since we do not know of any protozoa that go down to this exceeding minuteness, but know of bacteria, which stand at the limit of visibility, since, furthermore, bacteria certainly are as to their phylogeny lower organisms than protozoa, we are inclined to consider the invisible organisms as bacteria or as nearly related to them. Conservative treatment in adults requires four years to cure the disease, and then a stiff joint will be the result. Peery, closing the discussion: In reply to the doctor's suggestion about having one man in a section do all of this kind of work, I can not quite agree with him. The acquired causes are calculus, or blood clot obstructing the ureter; movable kidney, especially if eongenitally displaced blood vessels or fibrous bands exist below the pelvis in such a way as to he stretched across the ureter; inflammatory conditions outside the ureter pressing upon it; the pressure of tumors or misplaced organs, such as the spleen: or prolapse of the uterus; pregnancy; cystitis, or tumors in the bladder; hypertrophy of the pros! ate. In the meantime the patient was in good health and was only troubled by the necessity of wearing a dressing over the fistula. In the colon and the stomach, for that matter, the procedure is not too formidable. We will be able to accommodate from twelve to twenty men in each group for ten days, and the course will be repeated during the month, There will be no charge for this course, and board and lodging will be furnished free, the same as is usually done in general hospitals for clinical assistants and medical internes.

Who in this age is wise enough to follow his example? The simplest method of treating and fulfilling the indications of almost any disease is generally the safest and most successful. This is immeasureably superior to what was had in former wars and we have to thank an American surgeon for the initiative in this work, namely, J.

It is doubtless true that intense and prolonged thought upon a given subject is carried into the realms of dreams and brings about some foundation for acts during the waking state The so-called realm of dreams is too vast to explore during a session of this association. The onset of mononeuropathy is generally sudden and its distribution mononeuropathy may require narcotics for its con- i trol. X-RAY IN THE DIAGNOSIS OF URINARY While the value of X-ray examinations in cases of suspected urinary calculus is being generally appreciated, there are conditions which the presence of calculi often so strongly simulate that the writer will attempt to emphasize some of the most important, and at the same time point out some of the difficulties that confront the X-ray specialist in arriving at his diagnosis. Large enemas were given to get free evacuations of the bowels. Have local hospital and own Southeastern Minnesota. The continuous hot water bath is most useful, but of very practical value is the hot wet pack. In one child the"take" was limited to an abrasion where no solution had been used. The serum is prepared by inoculating cattle, horses, mules, etc., with filtered, sterile or live cultures of hogcholera and swine-plague bacilli, respectively, or solutions of their products, including the cell contents, extracts, and secretions. Nobody thought of him as anything but normal until he spent year after year in school without being able I.Q.

He was called to pass through repeated and sore trials in the loss of three of his children. ISTo history of syphilis could be obtained. The treatment consists in the removal of the child from the breast; the application of an ice bag; bathing nipples and areola with alcohol; and using a sterile covering of gauze.

They are definite compounds of hemoglobin and a glucose derivative, formed and accumulated within the living red cells. Ravenel? make, except "" to emphasize again the duration of this lesion, that it has been present now for four years. It has proved very beneficial bladder, and in cases of diabetes insipidus, particularly Pituitrin has greatly diminished the polyuria.

Endometrium lacks a basement membrane, and invasion always proceeds beyond the lines which seem to limit the lesions grossly.

One patient refused treatment other than eliminating sweets from his diet.

Acute ulcer, as is well known, is commonest in young women; chronic gastric ulcer occurs with nearly equal frequency in both sexes in the middle period of life; whilst duodenal ulcer mainly affects men. This has been It is noted in Table I that all of the types of retention jaundice are medical (except for the question of splenectomy in cases of hemolytic jaundice). She had free epistaxis on the fourth and fifth days. Phasized the varied clinical picture. Instead of showing improvement in six or eight days, it goes on into the second or third week, and the family becomes restless, which increases after every possible explanation you offer and possibly a dose of bromide to each anxious member.