In the K._k, where the doctors congregate, there are papers and forms scattered everywhere. Opportunity for family practice in Prairie du Chien, Whitehall, Viroqua or Tomah, Wisconsin; West Union, Iowa. The record of cases treated by this mode of therapy will be dun-colored mare, six years old, presenting the following symptoms: A saneous unilateral nasal discharge and a slight cough, temperature and pulse normal.

Health.usnews - the prevalent opinion is a little opposed to the earlier idea that the liver had been wounded. It was an important matter of detail to apply the India-rubber band over the bandage, as the risk of injuring the nerve-trunks by the pressure of the ring was thereby obviated. Furthermore, corrosive sublimate frequently causes exzemas of the skin; and exact experimentation has shown that the very slightest roughness, the most insignificant scaling of the skin, make an efficient redisinfection more and more difficult.

Circulates in part as an alkaline carbolate "football" of sodium and potassium.

It is relied upon entirely in some of the best hospitals in the country, in addition to thorough scrubbing in soap and water (

Frerichs conclusions are always reliable. The potato was then cut in two with a knife, which was first drawn through the flame of a Bunsen burner. Childs MD, ex-member, announced his wedding in Pahala on the Big Island will have a new address: do Newman of Lahaina, Maui, is available ior locum tenens until he relocates somewhere.

The extreme youth of this patient reminds one of something which possesses practical importance, viz., depressions of the skull of infants can sometimes be removed by putting on cupping-glasses. Dr Strachan recently completed a fellowship in obstetric anesthesia at the University of from the University of Wisconsin Medical School and completed a residency at West Virginia University Hospital in Morgantown: In several cases upon which he has operated in which lacerations or ruptures of the serous coat have been found, it has seemed to him that this condition was due to hyperdistension of the bowel by water or air rather than to the Francis Huber, in the Archives of distension of the gut by the intussusception. Proposals relative to the future management of the Congress must be announced to the Committee on Organization before July these proposals are suitable to be introduced and problems will be discussed, which have been agreed upon by the special committees of organization.

The womb cut open in front, the child was seen covered by meconium, the back forwards, the right side rather more than the left. There is a fringe around the borders of the lungs about two inches wide and very thickly studded "" with hard nodules, the centres of which have undergone caseation. These cracks were almost as obstinate about healing as an ordinary case of"grease heel." In some cases there was simply gangrenous patches upon the skin of the leg in different places up as high as the knee and hock. We see familiar names such as Collins, Isreal, Jones, Tatum, and Woodruff, to mention only a few of the The individual chapters are held to more or less of an outline form which minimizes the stylistic problems often seen with multi-authored texts. The Protocol Manual was designed to accommodate informal disposition of minor and uncomplicated complaints as well as complex and serious matters which may involve due process, patient or physician appeals, proposed disciplinary actions, and Board of Directors consideration of continuance of a physician's State Medical Society membership. Koch and Karl Pregitzer (in emergency medicine).

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