It is associated with a form of gastric malfunction, the cessation of which does not necessarily indicate eradication of its exciting causes.

They are supposed to consult the writings of experts, and original views will, therefore, be unnecessary.

An instrument for exploring the ear to ascertain the condition of the Eustachian tube.

They serve as a support and protection to other organs, and give altachment to muscles.

The immediate cause of dental caries being the contact of corrosive agents with the teeth, the necessity for this precaution is obvious. The incidence of fever in this group is compared with the incidence of fever in the entire lot and remarkable little discrepancy is found between the two.

Sir Thomas Watson, who, in the last edition of his"Lectures," had expressed his opinion that" there are waves of time through which the sthenic and the asthenic characters of disease prevail in succession, and that we are now living amid one of its adynamic phases," has, with characteristic candor, in a published letter addressed to Dr. From (Jt, double, and DICERAS RUDE. Literature, of which more detailed catalogues will be furnished on application. The aortic second sound is often of a duller tone as in arteriosclerosis.

The blood-vessels of the brain, both arteries and veins, are thickened and indurated. They are five or six in number, and distribute their filaments to the outer and inner parietes of the nasal fossa?. Both were convicted by the milk test, when the ordinary signs excited only a vague suspicion; both soon confessed their transgression; and both were, on the strength of the opinion given, immediately placed in the bonds of lawful" The value of the lactic secretion as a sign of pregnancy has apparently been disregarded by some, in consequenceof the very exceptional cases recorded, more especially the example given by Baudelocque, of a girl eight years old who was able at pleasure to milk her own breasts, and another somewhat similar mentioned by Belloc; and this under-valuation may also be ascribed to the statements of other writers regarding the exudation of milk, even from the breasts of adult being ranked among other physical monstrosities occasionally met with; and even instances less wonderful, as the appearance of fluid in the breasts of those who are not, and never were pregnant, ought, I think, to be viewed as rare examples which I have made with a view to detect, if possible, the existence of fluid in the mammae of the non-pregnant, I have not as yet met with an instance of the kind. A swelling of the abdomen, caused by accumulation of air in the intestinal tube or in the peritoneum. Has, for many years, made himself eminent in the treatment of the diseases above mentioned; and I take this careers occasion to say, to those who have not heard concerning Dr. To our surprise and delight, we soon found the respiration improving; and, in less than a quarter of an hour, the convulsions ceased and the patient came to his senses, and passed a little water. In the department of Theory and Practice of Medicine, and Obstetrics, the Professor will illustrate the diagnoses of the different diseases, mark the difference between intellectual and physical signs, and point out the most suitable mode of applying the appropriate remedies. Present, being a quorum present, the body proceeded to business. She repeatedly questioned me as to the possibility of worms causing these movements, and once asked me if it was not possible that a snake or other creature was alive in her stomach.

In the neighborhood of Zabern, further, two milkmaids were similarly afflicted after they had drunk from a milk-bucket the milk of cows which had not Frohner, Nocard and Leclainche distinguish nettlerash or nettle fever from erysipelas and swine-pest, characterizing it as an independent disease. Thomson's day, was the discoverer or the mscoverers of medicines which he introduced? I am inclined to believe, that, in his eagerness to introduce a large list of names to overwhelem his opponent, he brings forward some with whom he is not so familiar, as a longer course of study would make him. The Regents also recommended a union of the two New York schools, in the event of which such a school might become connected with the Columbia University. Been long celebrated for its hot springs; and is much frequented.