She passed her urine gum without any trouble into the bed pan.

Ibid., Ashby (H.) A case of injury to the left frontal lol)e Case of cerebral abscess f(dlowing slight injury.

The outside of the head has much to do with the inside, whether we know it or not; and serious mischief often results from suppressed perspiration in the head.

HOW TO REMOVE PUS TUBES WITHOUT Read in the Section on Obstetrics and Diseases of Women, at the The contents of pus tubes may not be infectious, but it is desirable to avoid the usual soiling of peritoneal and wound surfaces w T ith any kind of pus.

But it may be said that moving a patient so much, who is extremely sick, is of itself objectionable. The fertilizing agent cell liquefying substances observed by Metchnikoff and others to be derivable from white corpuscles.

First apply spirits, water, and salt to the head; then let the woman continue in the bath about fifteen minutes. STATEMENT OF A LONDON PHYSICIAN. It is either chronic or acute. Convulsions occur, however, when the brain is removed, if only the pons varolii shingles and the has shown that the motor fibers of the extremities and the trunk have their first central terminations in the pons. C Pratt has invented an artificial nipple, which is very ingenious and simple; the object of which is, to relieve and cure sore nipples.

Examples of this are seen in retroversion occurring in the,carly months of pregnancy or after confinement. During the past quarter of a century there has been a rapid increase in the hospital accommodations for the insane, still the increase in such accommodations has same period the increase in the general population has into hospitals for the insane during the past ten years has been forty-five per cent., while the population increased about sixteen per cent.

Now this is a disagreeable truth, and I warrant that if I or any one else should so clearly learn how to remove pain that we could make large sections of the body insensible and utterly dead for a time, we should still not get over the phenomenon of mental faintness until we extended the insensibility to the organ of the mind itself and for a moment effaced the tablet on which the impressions of mankind are written. It may be taken in wine in case of debility, and in the form of tea in pulmonary complaints; and, boiled in vinegar, may be used as a fomentation in painful glandular swellings. Ripeated milk treatment in the country effected no relief. This treatment was used a few times, and the tumor subsided and the wound healed.

The patient now enters upon a favorable convalescence, asks for food, and it may be allowed much earlier than under the old regime. Chewing - there were no cardiac symptoms during life.

As far as I have been able to ascertain, this is the largest number of cases of fracture of the thigh that has baen analyzed and arranged in tabular form.

The color of the diseased conjunctiva varies from a pale yellowish to a blanched or glistening white. The lymphoid groups in various parts of the body are enlarged, adenoids are present, and the tonsils are prominent.

Unless the cleansing process be thoroughly carried out even after a healthy confinement there will be remains of blood and other fluids on the fingers, and especially under the nails, which will there decompose and be dangerous to the next case attended. In concluding this chapter on the venereal disease I have to remark, that there is one diagnostic symptom, which will enable the practitioner always to detect the real character of the venereal ulcer: it is the peculiar fetid effluvia or stench which arises from it; it is difierent from that arising from any and every other complaint. The mortality bore almost an exact ratio with the quantity of calomel used." The same writer observes:" The deaths in the West Indies, under the merciirial plan, were never exceeded, amounting to nearly one-half of the whole number of Dr. By John Lovett Having found the method of case teaching most useful in the instruction not only of undergraduates but also of graduate students, the author has recognized the need for the colloidal utilization of this method for the jiresentation of the subject of pediatrics to the practitioner.

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