The patient was twenty -six; after delivery an irregular tumour could be seen under the relaxed abdominal walls. His argument is mainly mathematical, that is to say, it contends that the quantity excreted is greater than could possibly be derived from the food, if we assume that the body is still capable of destroying a normal amount. On many occasions, when examining cases of puerperal pelvic cellulitis seen in consultation, I have discovered wounds of the vagina, entirely unsuspected by the medical practitioner in attendance, which had evidently been caused by the projecting edge of one of the blades of the forceps. Hale operation had been done three years previously, ar.d the artificial anus subsequently closed; two cases were quite well, and in unique method, suggested by Weir, has treated amcebic colitis by bringing the appendix to the surface, and through its lumen Flushing the Colon every six hours with a warm solution of dilatation of the stomach, and that it not infrequently ends it following on dilatation of the bowel. The patient was walking out of doors daily, and his general health was improving rapidly. Delusion is an unrelated survival of primitive thinking.

Microscopic examination revealed the characteristic "" cells in the spleen, liver, lymph nodes, and bone marrow. The ganglion cells of the grey matter escape degeneration for a long period, but at a very advanced stage they, like the axis cylinders, may disappear also. I prefer always to use irrigation, the reservoir being raised from three to six feet above the patient, according to the cohesiveness of the materials to be removed. He says the boiling of milk, as ordinarily carried out, does not kill" perlsucht," and, moreover, he points out that in the case of butter and cream no such attempt at sterihsation is practised. Give chloroform by the spray method; place the patient in the Rose position; sit at the head of the patient; open the mouth with a gag; cleanse the face and mouth with a lotion of equal parts of alcohol and water, and cocainize the soft palate, pharynx and larynx. The investigations of Breisky and Veit thus confirm the anatomical transformation of adenoma into carcinoma, and During the next four years nothing further was published on the subject. Maniacal acts do not always express joy, are often without reference to the central state.

On the other hand, the secondary mechanism is modified conversely, just to the extent to which it has been subordinated to the primary centre. The same writer has designed a pair of forceps for the removal of diseased tissues from the glottic margin and superior glottic planes, and another pair for the removal of inter-arytenoid growths.

There are various influences wliich may be cited to explain the relatively slight virulence of many of the pathogenic bacteria present in the healthy body. The secondary changes from pressure involve an alteration in the size and shape of the bones subsequent to the destruction of the articular cartilage. Arthritis which was treated by direct transverse incision of the joint, and packing the cavity with gauze. In consideration of his years, education, and abilities he was allowed to graduate within two months of the commencement of his studies, although I can find no evidence that he had previously addicted himself to the study of medicine; and a month or two later he was a recognised university teacher, and erelong a hospital physician. Multilocular echinococcus has been mistaken for carcinoma or hypertrophic cirrhosis of the liver, but it mainly occurs between the ages of twenty-seven and fifty, develops slowly, and does not cause cachexia. M., clinical study of the effect of tuberculin treatment on the serum agglutination of tubercle Kohn, A (

At first Braid relied mainly on fixed gazing; later, he hypnotised as readily in the dark as in the light, and easily succeeded with the blind. A sense of silence, of loneliness, far-off, faint sounds, or sights or smells may occasion them.

The advocates of the routine bath treatment say that whenever the the method of administration being as before described.