He remarked on the risk of anaesthesia in such cases, and recommended the position of the patient to be Dr. The advantage of the hematoxylin stain is that it does not stain the granules, which if well stained obscure the nucleus and render the counting of its division difficult; also, that if the nuclear threads are well stained thev call attention to divisions of the nucleus which might otherwise be coimted as one. They did not marry until their means enabled them to do so with fair prospects of comfort, and yet they preached a doctrine of imprudence and improvidence to the working classes. Her self-accusation and condemnation were so great (because the Lord had not restored her hearing) that it reduced her to exhaustion. He was no mean empiric, though, in his drunken humours, he gave forth much that was foolish and untenable. Trusting only to what is known, we would at present maintain the author's position, in spite of the enticements to unification of causes presented by the study of this subject. The amyloid degeneration became more marked, and on mother died of tuberculosis. What will you do with them? I would like some help this afternoon. The first case reported during the year was attending a school and who had Fortunately, the great majority of our foreign-born population, and the children of such persons, have either been vaccinated before arriving in this country or have submitted to this protective measure as a matter of course, Any one who attempts to arrive at an unbiased conclusion regarding the physiologic action of moderate amounts of alcohol on the human body realizes promptly that the decisive authentic information on the subject is surprisingly meager. He possessed skill unspoiled by vanity and a capacity for friendship unencumbered by sentimentality. The spectroscope was shown to have had its origin in the early researches of Sir Isaac Newton, followed later"by those of W'oUaston and Frauenhofer.

No fluctuation; no liistory of injury. Wilbur Shankland, inviting the members of the Society to attend dedicatory exercises of Jordan Hall at the St. In many of the cases in which he might have been called, he is not sent for at all, and a surreptitious dose of castor-oil and a few mustard-plasters, or catnip tea, or a gin toddy does the business. MuEcnisoN exhibited a specimen from a child nine years of age. A second series of tests was so made of urines of patients after operations involving the use of chloroform or ether anesthesia which, as is well known, is followed bj' a diminished oxidation. Concerning the treatment local applications and massage of the gland might be tried early, but as soon as there were signs of pus formation the only surgical method was to open the suppurating area. Now we see why," while very frequent in the sick, it is relatively uncommon in the healthy." The sick, in the usual course of things, have a lowered nervous tone; they have dilated stomachs for precisely the same reason that they are constipated, and the latter disorder is probably quite as dangerous as the former. Several years ago one of the most brilliant medical men in the state, in a conversation with the writer, pointed out this practice as one of the great deterrants to our progress: recipes. He also writes of gouty irregularity that, though it may be much relieved by treatment, a permanent cure is but rarely attained: a view not in consonance with what has recently been stated by other writers.

In the author's cases lactation did not seem to harm the mothers, and convalescence was established at the usual time, and was not especially slow. In more advanced cases a strong reaction indicates the possibility of arrest or, at most, of very slow progress, while a weak response in late cases would indicate that the malady was The opinions of medical men as to whether energetic mercurial treatment in the early stages of syphilis can eventually prevent syphilitic diseases of the nervous system, are diametrically opposed. The greatest possible gentleness is exercised in the handling No irrigation should be used, but the pus wiped out carefully with sponges and pump. Double ulcer in this part of the gastro-intestinal tract is Gastric ulcers usually attain a larger size than the duodenal.

New wing of this hospital, erected at a cost of Dr. His wife had pyorrhea, he had a stone in the bladder, which had to be removed by a brutal operation because anaesthesia was then unknown and at post mortem a nest of stones was found in the left kidney:

It is not absolutely dangerous, but"it must be condemned as totally unfit for domestic use". The patient was doing well at the time of the report. From the recent literature one would judge that the osteoperiosteal grafts were the best.

Very many active cases of tuberculosis, particularly of the low-grade, chronic type, go along for years with many more or less "" indefinite symptoms, and also without recognition, of the cause of the trouble. The heart was dilated, with thin, flabby walls, showing on microscopic examination considerable fatty degeneration of the muscle fibers. Each one of our counites in the district and all have fairly good meetings.

Louis College of Physicians and Surgeons as to their shortcomings from these minimum specifications to avoid fraudulency, leads to the certain observations and conclusions: College of Physicians and Surgeons was investigated in hearings before the State Board of Health and private inquiry was made of many more.