The norrnal diet consisted of the food which the subject chose. The force of the facts just referred to, has been attempted to be evaded by a denial of the pathological identity of puerperal fever and erysipelas.

Norinan Chevers, Inspector-General JIaopherson, Dr.

Flavorful NO-CAL adds sparkle to dull soft drink, is sweetened with calcium no fats, proteins or carbohydrates. In commenting on this case, we pointed out how very unfortunate for all parties such an occurrence was, as it would probabU- lead to the medical officer being sent for needlessly to every trifling tit that On the same page, attention was called to the action of the Leigh board of guardians.

It is upon this principle that Dr. But do not let my doubts infect you. The lung is pushed back towards the mediastinum and vertebral column, and flattened and brought to lie in the smallest possible compass; the diaphragm is forced downwards, which sometimes gives rise to a considerable prominence of one or the other hypochondriuiu, the spleen and stomach Portion of the lower lobe of the being displaced on the left side, or the liver on the right. Yet it is probable that there is always a minor degree of constitutional proclivity, and this is sometimes proved to be hereditary. The following appoiutnients have been made at the Adiuiralty recently: R.

Patients labouring under pulmonary phthisis, in the early stage, are those which, to; gether with a suitable climate, possess resources for mental occupation and diversion, i which would induce them to pass a great portion of their time in the open air, avoid! inir, however, occasions of fatigue. Blanche Fauqier Lyon, son and daughter of the late W. On the other hand, the liver may shrink into a much smaller space than it naturally occupies. Cases lacking conjunctivitis would still qualify for this study. Nevins explain, if he can, why the number of men constantly sick at the protected, is less than half that at the unprotected, stations; the The parliamentarj' paper says:"It is believed that the two groups of stations are fairly comparable". University College Jameson, Leander Starr, University College Voelcker, George Henry, University College Rose, William, King's College )' Elcum, Donald, Warwick House, Cheltenham Whitfeld. The jury returned a verdict of' Found dead in her room, probably from an affection of the heart'." O.KFORt) EXAMINATIONS. The fermentative process, therelore, must cease, and cannot occiu' again in that fluid.

Columns six inches in height were used. The only objection to its use is sleeplessness, which sometimes results if it is taken in the evening.

M'Grigor JIaclagan has for twelve yeais served with conspicuous zeal and success the rural sanitary authority of the Hexham Union. John Walters chloroform, I applied the long forceps. We must attempt to reduce danger to the lowest In a statement, the council said: reports of distinctive congenital malformations occurring in the offspring of patients receiving develoning in connection with these trials in the would appear that the increased incidence of extromelia in Germany, Great Britain, and Australia may be related to the use of thalidomide during the early weeks of pregnancy.

However, the statement is just as little supported by reason as it is by the result of general experience. The narrowing of the urethra by a strict e is never so light as to completely obstruct the flow; and, in the majority of cases, the cause of the trouble is swelling of the inflamed mucous membrane just behind the contraction, combined with spasm of the muscular fibres of the urethra, induced by exposure to cold or indulgence in alcoholic drinks.

Even in the living subject, this confounding of the sexual characters may be observed; for, setting aside the genital organs, the various external and men who are more or less elTeminate. - injection, and the muscles were found infested and infective for other rats. He never practiced in of Gilead, Tolland county, Conn. Rabbits were chosen as the experimental animal because they are most suitable for the method. I believe, is about the average time.