This cult, fad, or whatever name may be most fittingly applied to tlie dogmas of the new sect, has not only crossed the Atlantic, but is even said to be making considerable headway among a certain section of the British public. Bills of health from such centres in review many instances are mere bits of paper.

These adhesions were broken up, and palpation showed the gall-bladder to be contracted and empty, containing no stone, nor could a stone be felt below the gall-bladder in the cystic duct.

Further, such retardation as is produced is associated mainly with the presence of the extractives rather than with the volatile matters present in the fluid. Three cases of poisoning by fungi came, a short ti me ago, xmder the care of Mr.

The capacity of the bladder IS five ounces; the urethral length, eight inches.

The politician, the lawyer, the w-arrior woiild pass them by in that struggle, and not unreasonably. Professor Rochester said," there email were some points which had not In regard to the occurrence of peritonitis, he thought that it was a most unfortunate accident. Some of the Conditions following the Bottini he presented some of the conditions following the operation which appeared to him to have physiological and pathological significance. Campbell writes that an increase in the frequency of cardiac contraction, and a tendency to an evening rise of temperature, are well known as two of the earliest indications of a tuberculous process in the lungs. It remains for physical laboratories to furnish the clinician with improved apparatus for the further application of this method of clinical research. No other pertinent findings noted in the review of systems. (This, I think, was the crushed stone, as in my Case VI. I encountered a small, third stone, which I could feel with the tip of my finger in the wound, but could not dislodge into the wound by manipulation of the hepatico-duodenal ligament.) The operator searched for the choledochus-stone for an hour, but could not find it. Many suffer for years, with alternate periods of aggravation and improvement. On ophthalmoscopic examination I found his left vitreous so opaque that the optic disc could not be brought into view. There was no distension and no tenderness over the incision: reviews. The laboratory studies of the blood and excreta will also furnish valuable data. Taking into consideration how much ether is given every day, and often by incompetent persons, the death rate is remarkably small, which speaks volumes for its safety A few years ago, after some rather unpleasant experiences with chloroform, the following notice was posted in the operating-room of a New York hospital:" Chloroform as an anesthetic is not to be used in this hospital, except in obstetrical cases and children, without calling in consultation another member of the attending staff of this institution." In alcoholics, who as a class are undesirable for any anesthetic, ether, if properly given, will be found to be satisfactory. The liaison work was especially commendable, as was the distribution of selected motion pictures to service clubs, etc. For a varying period the hypersemic condition of the sites of the scabs persists, leaving reddish blotches, especially marked in cold weather.

Histologic examination showed a hyperplastic coupon endometrium invading about one-fourth of the thickness of the myometrium.

FIELDING, legit on Insanity, Bleaching powder, risks of the makers decrease of, in relation to osteo amount of the, in the body, vii. With this sub-committee some weeks ago will remember that one of these gentlemen informed some of us that it would be necessary for us to I have in my files: code. Baruch's ingenious douche apparatus, of which I give a reproduction, could, with a few additions, become an ideal installation for a large fake sanatorium for consumptives.