It would seem wise to adopt Williams's classification of extratubular and intratubular rupture and abandon the term"tubal abortion." Two were a combination of tube and ovary which might have been tubal or ovarian, but could not be classified properly from macroscopic study. Reliable registration of the names and addresses of pawners would do much to prevent the evil, while it might also be possible to insist upon the disinfection of clothes in suspicious cases, before the apparel is received by the pawnbroker (on). The disease does not arise apparently in a normal delivered mucosa. Prolonged lactiition acts in the same way: one. The blood clote were washed out, and the abdomen began to complain of abdominal pain, which was followed by di tension Her pulse soon increased in frequency, and vomiting se n Enemata were given and other treatment instituted withou effect She steadily became worse, until twelve hours later she had a Pinched and anxious expression, with a greatly distended and when this was done the intestine was found enormously distended and as there was no evidence of peritonitis or mechanical obstruction it was clearly a case of intestinal paresis.


.e femur; if through die tibia, it was Kit througii the malleolus or os calds, and then hey could sectire thirty or fortj- pounds of tracion; and it was very simple, even without splints, f Doctor Sherman tried naan pin in this were using it with much satisfaction a France, in bad eimshot wounds. The failure of many patients to be followed until cured is due to several causes: i. Besides the preliminary attempts to cultivate these strains on blood-free media, we made repeated attempts from time to time on a larger number of the older strains, all with negative results. If these two fatalities are included, then the ultimate mortality rate of the operation It is noteworthy that the death-rate in the cases of Group I I by operation is identical w T ith the death-rate of the cases in Group II a second or subsequent surgical intervention are included, the death-rate of the cases in Group II is actually higher than that of the cases in Group I. The intestine was distended, the mucosa in the greater number of cases swollen and congested. The mouth should be washed out regularly and attended to. One would naturally think that gravity would make vaginal drainage the more effective of the two. Man, aged fifty-eight years, well nourished, strong, and apparently healthy; unmarried; had the usual diseases of childhood; pneumonia at thirty-eight years of age, from which he made an uneventful recovery. The following Licentiates in Medicine, having complied with the by-laws relating to membership pursuant to the Supplemental MEDICAL VACANCIES (direct). In one there was no improvement, in another very doubtful improvement, in a third marked improvement, and in a fourth entire subsidence of the paroxysms thus far, perhaps a cure.

Insutli(!iency iu which he nearly died.

The physical signs impn and an X-ray picture taken before her discharge showed great shrinkage of the cavity of the empyema. Of tho abdominal groups, tho rctroporitonoiil ia most froquciitly involved and may form a continuouH duiin from tho diapltragin to tho cologists of (termany perform lapaio omy in a of this kind, in which the diagnosis of myomatous tumors of the uterus had been made. Patients with chronic gout may show remarkable tliat" more wise men than fools are victims of the affection" still holds manifestations of a condition of disordered budget nutrition, to which the terms'joulii diathesis or Uthmmic state have been given. This is particularly noticeable when the arm is moved forward, when the serratus no longer recognized form of i)aralysis.

Bacteriological examination showed the case to be one of Vincent's Discussion: Dr. There are no special changes in the for red or white corpuscles.