But this is nothing more nor less than evidence of the ignorance of the intervening cause C. In retroversion of the uterus a modified Gilliam's operation is done where the retroversion is the principal fault, but at the end of long operations for other severe pelvic disease or where pelvic drainage is necessary, a simple ventral suspension is adopted. The result eminently satisfactory; for the boy left the hospital in gocMl health, without any fistula, and with a repaired urethra, which Unfortunately, the lad ncglcctctl to attcml at the hospital,.and in six months' time had to be readmitted with a relapse, which necessitated a second operation; the sequel of which was not so pleasing, as the boy recovered with a fistula, and there is, at present, no chance of its being closed, as the cicatrisation of a pcrin;vum which has been so dam.aged with urinary abscesses has been attended with a tense and leathery condition of the integuments. And, indeed, it seems anomalous for young fellows of, say, three or fourand-twcnty, to conie out apparently as Drs., when in Law and Divinity a man docs not ordinarily obtain the doctorate until, man is colloquially a doctor; what I complain of is, his styling himself so.

The pia mater may also be thickened and opaque, having its delicate meshes bathed in an excess of cerebro-spinal fluid. Morbid alteration of skin "" preceding ulceration; a form of morpho?a. Sometimes they disappear on the very day the kidney has been removed, in which case their cause is probably a reflex irritation from the kidney, and not any definite organic lesion in the bladder.


If this operation is thoroughly done about once a week, the length of time required for a cure will be very much shortened. In his recent work on Coccohadciia Scptica, Professor Billroth seems to have prefericd the first plan, l-'or instance, lie takes solutions of the carbonates and sulphates of alkaline and mineral bases of definite strength, and adds them to the organic fluid, keeping side by side with the mixture, under ex.ictly the same atmospheric conditions, and in these experiments, at the temperature of the human body, some of the unmixed organic fluid. Dischargeel, cured of the ai'ute attect'on. Mar'tis vltrlola'tus, code j metallo'rum, oxidum stibii sulphuratum. It is quite essential that such distinction be made, because in using the term hysteria, I am far from having in mind any idea of reproach in criticism. Designers have not as yet learned to take up the diatoms for a study of their beautiful lines and figures which are endless and entrancing. Charles Liebman read a paper on this subject. The chief difference is that, in one, we see, and in the other we do not, the modus operandi; and this convinces our understanding. Taking for granted its specific cause it must be held that a solution of continuity in the mucous surface of the respiratory tract is a necessary antecedent. Sir Thomas Watson said,"croup is not contagious". In chemical alphabet signifies nitre; also used for calx, carbon, centigrade, and cylindrical lens: adjustment. All occurred between twenty and seventy. Is mercurial sore mouth more speedily cured bj a liberal use of wine, or af dent spirits, than by the ordinary remedies? in mercurial cases, attended with dryness and ulceration of fer from this case,tliat wine would give relief in certain forms, notice the age and chanicter of the oldest patriarch of the profession in America, Dr. In these cases we will find urobilin, which is merely a less toxic modification of bilirubin. Theory that evolution of animals and plants has occurred through slight hereditary variations from simpler forms, and that the fittest variations have survived; in other' words, that individuals that have the slightest ad- j vantage over others would lie more likely to sur- l lection, or the survival of the fittest.