The symptoms show no special difference from those of the serous type.

Bile continued to be discharged until the seventh day when a hydatid cyst, review the size of a pigeon's Qgg, was found in the dressings. Mucous membranes in various localities have been involved.

Reduction wjis easily effected l)y raising the elbow and depressing the clavicle. Denis, Seine, occupying the buildings and grounds of the I'Ecole de la Legion d'Honneur, where it functioned under the jurisdiction of the surgeon chapel and hallways of the school were also converted into wards. He cites another instance wherein the virus persisted five months in a hay rack that had been used by diseased cattle, and the infection was carried in this hay rack to cattle on another farm to which it was taken. : Any legally authorized practitioner of veterinary mediciiie and surgery in good standing, residing outside of the counties of Monroe, Livingston. Lyon, who fully confirmed our diagnosis. Sometimes the joints are inflamed, hot, red, painful, and retracted; the spleen is not often enlarged. Each attack lasted two or three months, during from the middle of the left thigh to a point a little below the knee: discount. Long stops at railway stations were permitted only where tracks allowed loading or unloading without blocking the main line. Petechiae frequently appear and may be seen between the rose spots, which do not necessarily become description applies to the severer cases it is probable that the milder ones are not so rare as statistics indicate. Previous to last July, diphj theria had prevailed in only an ordinary number of i cases. The Council are indebted to the following for editorial superintendence in All communications on editorial matters should be addressed to Assistant Secretary, Medical Research Council, National Institute for Medical Research, was an isolated phenomenon and in the rest associated with total inversion actually denied the existence of congenital dextrocardia, apart from complete inversion of the viscera, but he brings forward the following presence of dextrocardia in a perfectly healthy individual without any previous history of pleuro-pulmonary disease indicates a congenital malformation, whereas an individual whose present condition may be satisfactory, but who has a previous history of respiratory disease, is probably the rule for the axis of the heart to retain its normal orientation, the organ being displaced as a competition whole, the base being most to the right, the apex below and to the left, and the long axis of the heart being directed from above downwards and from right to left. Temperature is up to legs are taken up to the perineum and extend upward and forward. They may then be demonstrated by the actioh of chromic acid solutions, which stain the normal white matter yellow, but leave the degenerated tracts of a white color. These nuclei, or groups oT motor (and trophic? ) cells, represent the anterior horn cells of the spinal cord, strangely thrown backward and toward tlie median line. In the the author's experience the cultures were not very virulent for animals. It is scarcely surprising that neurotic behavior should be handed on from generation to generation. The rule the increasing, constant fever soon suggests that there is something more.

The complications about the larynx and epiglottis are serious, especially as they are more apt to occur in patients severely ill, and there is always the danger of cedema of the glottis or bronchopneumonia. It has been claimed that this increase from September was due to meteorological conditions, but this is not tenable, because in September, October, and November the climatic influences are not suflicient to explain the prevalence of the disease, any more than they would explain the diminution in the number of cases during February and Marcn. No operative procedures were done by the staff of center, but also a large part of the entire advance area, including other base hospitals in the vicinity and the army of occupation in Germany. Numerous experiments show that, while failures may occur, it is comparatively easy to infect many species of animals with variola or vaccinia.

Kuno repeated many of de Boer's experiments on frogs, and concluded that the differences he described were due entirely to the effects of vaso-dilatation in the limbs deprived of their sympathetic supply.

More specifically he was charged with making suitable arrangements for the disposal of excreta, waste, and refuse, disinfection of clothing, bedding, buildings, and hospital trains, supervision of measures ordered effected for the control of infectious diseases, inspection and report on the sanitation of units, coordination of the efforts of the sanitary officers of units, and report on progress of construction of buildings and grounds.

When a man from either the venereal or the convalescent camp is pronounced by an examining board as of class A, he is transferred to the near-by replacement camp for equipment, after which he is returned to his unit through the regulating station.

I am enclosing a copy of a letter from Dr. He develops his thesis of the motor innervation of the skeletal muscles as follows: most of our skilled purposive movements, especially skilled occupation movements of the hands, employ relatively few muscles, but if they are to be properly carried out they demand a widespread synergic fixation of other muscles in the arm, and indeed in all the body code musculature. Their use IS precisely what makes the new operation practicable, and is, Avith their manipulation, perhaps its chief innovation. In the eyes of the law they can interpret the facts as they may desire, but the true business of expert testimony is to present such facts above the suspicion of any bias whatever. Analgesia means insensibility to pain.