Upon this tripod is based the whole system of medical organization, from the smallest County Society up to the American Medical Association. We have seen how difficult it is, to say the least, to inoculate the disease, and we have no evidence that the bacilli can enter the body through the unbroken skin. Ulceration quickly follows along the margins, the process being accompanied by the discharge of a sanious fluid which imparts an odor of great fcetor to the breath. It is especially prevalent in the districts of Baol and Sin on the Senegambia coast. The skin in the neighbourhood of the ulcer is generally infiltrated, and marked by small papules and yellow spots, indicative of extension of At times these ulcers are extremely painful, while at others pain is completely absent. The books show talent of a high order in literary, artistic and humorous directions, and are a rare compliment to the qualities of the Rush College student of to-day. Unhappily, this is not so; several Europeans have now succumbed to the disease, as well as the natives of Persia and India.

Louis, Mo., where he was born about thirty-four years College of Missouri and an Episcopal school at Lyons, Iowa.

For instance, cretinson, which up to the last few years was looked upon as only a low form of idiocy, is now know to be due to the maldevelopment, atrophy or absence of the thyroid gland. The positive pole of the battery is connected with a copper electrode covered with aljsorbent cotton, and is either to hold the electrode by the handle and make and break the current when directed, by placing the electrode on his arm or hand. When it occurs upon the chest, with its raised, glistening surface from which project the claw-like processes, it is hardly jiossible to mistake it for anything else.

Has continiied to improve, and now there is coughing at base of left are not so marked, and the patient is here to verify by his good appearance his improved condition. The patient was his native teacher, at the time twenty years of age.

He also mentions a case called malleatio, or striking the Icnees with the hands as with a hammer. A new modern hospital building has just been constructed with every facility for operating and physiotherapy for bone and joint cases (vitamin). Mechanically by direct pressure on the drum-head and the chain oX ossicles, or reflexively through the nervous system. During the following twenty-six days of feeding, the nitrogen balance was as given With every gain in proteid intake, a proportionately larger retention of nitrogen was noted. He received his preliminary and high school education in Chicago, and after engaging in business for six years entered the University of Chicago. He thinks that in health a considerable portion of the carbohydrates ingested is converted by the villi of the intestinal mucous membrane into fat and carried thence by the lacteals to the blood.

In dislocation outwards part of the clasp-bone is broken off', producing the fracture known as and in dislocation inwards a similar fracture of the shin-bone occurs: dementia. At the upper end the trunk of each side passes up into the skull and becomes intimately connected with the cranial nerves (menopause). This is notably seen in public clinics where attempts have been made to remedy this fault by the organization of the follow-up social service. It is scarcely necessary to point out the confirmation this lends to the belief that the micrococci are the materies morbi. Care must be taken in introducing the solution that the point of the needle shall have passed through the skin well into the areolar tissue, and that it be directed away from the skin before the fluid is injected. In molluscum contagiosum the small tumours are umbilicated and filled by a soft, white, granular substance that can be easily squeezed out. Several of the pigs sickened and one died. The technique of, and the indications for the use of such procedures as transfusions, venesection, infusion, and spinal puncture will be taken up, and demonstrated when possible: You should not hesitate to use morphine hyftoderraically in doses sufficient to control the pain, and then either alcoholic stimulants or stimulating nutriment, combined with stimulants of a more diffusible character, so as to steady the nervous system and anticipate the development of delirium tremens. From a practical standpoint it is demonstrated daily that it is very easy to live in Manila and avoid infection with amcebse, provided one avoids infected drinking water.

The child was apparently The second case does not properly belong to the same class as the former. It is not my intention here, however, small, brief, scarcely audible whiff, heard over a very small area, ordinarily not an inch square. And the physical laboratory is fitted up in a way that enables the student planes, and pulleys, and wedges, and pumps, and so forth.