Although the abdominal dulness and swelling were on the left side when I saw the patient, I am confident from the history, and especially from the point of rupture into the rectum and the excessive fetor of the discharge, that this also was a case of retro-peritoneal perityphlitic abscess, similar to the four other cases seen by me. The bacilli may also be found in tAe peripheral nerve Gbers in the anesthetic variety. Here convulsions are seen after section of the cord, and although removal of the cerel)rnni sometimes caused the disappearance of the convulsions in malaysia animals which had previously shown them, that disappearance was probably due to the shock of the operation. .iiid recent statistics liear eliKjueiit testimony to the ellicacy of When the atta( k has developed, little can he ilone, witii During tiiu pt'riixl of hot weatiier, when rahies is most cuiiiiiiiiii, dogs ougiit to he muzzled, and animals I'ound ahoiit It is important to lenieniher that in liysterieal iiatieiits liVihMpholiia may lie simulated, and the hetter inrormed the ill" more nearly aie these imitated hv tlie sufferer.

The writer certainly can see no specific significance in this condition.

Red points, and on the posterior portion the drcumvallate papillae arranged in two rows of red circles. I next sought to determine the effect of the thyroid extracts upon coagulation when injected into the bloodvessels. Stage of exudation consists in the exudation of a viscid, fibrinous fluid, mixed with white and red corpuscles and blood rapidly coagulating, firmly enclosing the corpuscles and completely filling the alveoli. There was much pus in the urine, and much vesical epithelia.

In the new-bom infant, umbilics, phlebitis may terminate in hepatic suppuration. And tiie liiii' ii"f llic I'l'iirlil IS iiaiiv iliin.il rinlii lllf lalc taken ol Chronic Morphia Poisoning is thr rnmiitiiMi with wiiuh. : to bring about conditions favorable to the arrest of the hemorrhage. This speedy termination of the disease has been called by the French writers delitescence.


In this case a larger portion of the fluid is recovered than in the case of the patient suffering from achylia gastrica. The case displayed the good voice obtainable when the arytenoid is preserved and the opposite Left optic atrophy with right hemiplegia followed an accident to a boy of seven. At the end of the fourth week I could pass a sound without any difficulty. In this course they have each appended to them three clusters of short, pyriform, closely aggregated, glandular follicles (d,d). It was then also that he made his plans for their betterment, through the organized means of parish umons among the well-to-do people in the neighborhood, who were practically out of his reach during Uie vacation season, but on whom he depended that the pastor of St. On withdrawing blood from the punctured finger it congealed almost immediately, in one-sixth the usual time, and formed so firm a coagulation in two minutes that it took considerable rubbing to detach it from the finger. She had a bruise on the shoulder and on the leg, nor did she have any other bad effects, apparently, from the fall.

With products a putrid foetus in the uterus, without a close mechanical approximation of the uterine incision. He then takes about three hundred cases of amputations for injuries, during several years in one hospital, laboriously analyzes the weather about the time of each operation, and finds that according to season a much larger proportion of deaths resulted from pyaemia in summer and from shock in winter. While foreseeing a diminution in numbers, he looked forward to securing much higher qualit)'. The autopsy showed very recent cavities and several old latent foci of tuberculosis. We think it unnecessary to do more than refer to these cartilages here, as their characters will be found fully described in the article Articulation.

Two years ago subsidence did not occur, a tumor was discovered by a laryngologist and pronounced benign. The principal nervous cords, leaving the first ganglion posteriorly, descend to encircle the oesophagus. The instrument, by reason of its aseptic capabilities and the simplicity of its construction, will at once commend itself to every gynecologist and obstetrician. The loss of body heat is a serious factor, and must be carefully guarded against by every means at our command.