Mickle, London; Warwick; Port of London, the Medical Oflicer for the; Dr. The use of mercury in tertiary syphilis is very often practiced. Prior to the occurrence of this accident the patient gives evidence of indisposition without definite symptoms.

Cystoscopic examination showed increased vascularity of the bladder balance and intravesical enlargement of the prostate. The spleen usually becomes enlarged, though only to a moderate extent. First of all, it must be borne in mind that the inebriate is a chronic deceiver, and cannot be depended upon to tell His testimony is not to be relied on even under oath when there is a motive to deceive, unless there are corroborating circumstances to sustain it.

Persevering ladieswho have so long battered thegatesof theGerraan iimVersities with prayers for admission seem at last to be making some impression on the.icaderaic Cerberi who have hitherto resolutely opposed their entrance, Leipzig has been the first to give way. The severity of the dyspnea varies with the degree of distention of the air-cells, even though additionally aggravated by the coexistence of the primary disease.

Those below, and especially oblique ones, are far more likely to be perforating in character; whereas those from flank to flank have heretofore been generally considered as almost certain to cause one or more perforations. He was a member of the American Roentgen "percent" Ray Society, the American Medical Association, and the New York Academy of Medicine. He who relies upon alcohol to warm him when take ardent spirits with the notion that it will increase the bodily strength. There is no trace of that labouring after minutia-, and in so doing failing to grasp the main facts, which is so frequently a In his explanations of the physical phenomena of clinical been too dogmatic; but it must in fairness be remembered tliat he lias not attempted to give a critical examination of all the many theories which have heen put forward to explain these phenomena, although, from the way he has treated the subject few, probably, could do it better; he has contented most probable. Sind sie nicht weit SW davon im Profile Teile derselben Schicht auf gebirgsbildende bilden wieder die Hluboser Konglomerate, Bei der Verfolgung der Zitecer Konglomerate gegen SW kommen wir W von Schichten das NNO- Streichen und ein erscheinen, neigt das Kambrium unter einem 11 Das unterste Glied der kambrischen Serie bilden hier die in typischester Weise entwickelten Zitecer Konglomerate; sie sind in vielen Felsen in der linken Tallehne der anzutreffen und sind im Vergleiche mit den Kontakt mit den Grauwacken am deutlichsten aufgeschlossen ist, wurde die NNW-Richtung der Durchsetzung festgestellt. Hence, whenever the disease is distinctly traceable to errors of diet, emetics of the blandest sort should he employed; large draughts of warm water usually suffice, hut lavage is to be preferreifin some cases.

Though with few exceptions they are liouble, and are primarily produced by the rhythmic movements of the heart, they do not always occur synchronously with the heart-sounds, the quality, location, or superficial area of a given murmur does not indicate the extent of the lesion. When there is severe lancinating pain, inflammation, and shivering, the patient will die. To put upon him the necessity of overwork by either his mucous membranes, his lymph nodes, or his phagocytes, or all of these to gether, is surely not more commendable than it would be to stuff with indigestibles a digestive apparatus of supreme importance in the emergency of In view of the increase in respiratory diseases in cities, it is interesting to note that while water supplies are now at last usually subject to the most careful supervision on the part of municipal health authorities, while in well regulated towns food supplies are looked after with more or less intelligence and zeal, one of the three great necessities of human life, the air, which we are ceaselessly taking into the most delicate of our organs, is left almost wholly unguarded either by public supervision or private attention against wilful or careless pollution by the filthy, the vulgar, and the diseased: The attitude which the Insurance Acts Committee had taken seemed to tracking him more worthy of the Church than of the medical profession. (a) The disinfectioo of tbe gangrenous focus or foci in the lungs. The abdominal vessels, nerves and Derve-plexnes, and ducts may be compressed also by huge groups of enlarged glands. - for unless such articles be brushed, or beaten, or shaken, or flap violently in the wind, bacteria are not largely removed. By the next morning the pain in the shoulder had largely disappeared, but a great deal of tenderness persisted in the hypatic. The areas involved are smaller and deeply situated, and in such instances signs of bronchitis only may be detectable. The mothers were taught to "" have their teeth attended to, to wear abdominal support, to leave off tight strings, etc., and the willingness of the patients to he taken care of was gratifying. Whole train of svmptoms point to a cerebro spinal aUcction. For he recommends the following measures against the propagation of yellow fever through mosquitos, which from our present point of view we may which have stung yellow fever patients may be alive in it." The beginning of this philosophic work of Finlay antedated by two or three years any of the mosquito-malarial theories and demonstrations.


The ventricular waves of the electro-cardiogram taken shortly before dpath were normal in four cases; three of these had normal ventricular muscle, and the other showed but insignificant changes.