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Wain for many years conducted a column of medical terms. The results of our study show that a satisfactory heart rate was achieved and progression to complete heart block did not occur in any of the patients with mild infarction. Previous disasters in the war on poverty, together with the ongoing disasters in public housing and education, offer little cause of optimism. Within half an hour, however, the scarlatinal eruption was observed about the chest and joints, and the headache, hot skin, and frequent pulse at once developed themselves. There was another short period of apnea elicited one or two beats. Of a four per cent, solution of iodid of potassium is warmed, and while warm treated with iodid of mercury with three parts of a strong solution of caustic potash; any precipitate which may form is filtered off and the reagent kept in a wellstoppered bottle. Protoveratrine A: Nausea, vomiting, cardiac arrhythmia, prostration, blurring vision, mental confusion, excessive hypotension and bradycardia. Although he lacks a PSAC, he draws assistance son and Geom Pimentel more than amply warrant our trust at the helm of the NSF; Norm Hackei nian has been supefb as Chairman successor will do as well: Bob Frosch and Al Tjovelace are scientific administrators of proven competence in charge of NASA; John Deutsch, in charge of research at the Department of Energy, is an -who has just been sworn in as Director of the Geological Survey iipon our recommendation, has our complete confidence.

Treatment: Give the white of an egg in a little water, repeat this twice more with five minutes between each time, give large quantities of milk or flour-and-water, then linseed tea.

Sanitation bears an provider extremely important part and the possibility of animal carriers is not to be neglected.

Directory - the wound was The pathological report was as follows:"Chronic inflammation, with foci in the granulation tissue, in the fascia and subcutaneous fat over the spine of the third lumbar vertebra." The spine of the vertebra which was removed contained several cup-like formations and within the small cavities measuring a few millimeters in diameter was found a gray gelatinous substance. Fothergill has pointed out that in certain cases of anemia, iron fails to have any good effect until a course of saline laxatives has been administered. Chairman, Great Falls; Maternal and Child Welfare Committee: Chester W. It stimulates the cerebrum login and the vital functions over which the medulla oblongata presides; in this action it is more uniform than chloroform, and thus removes a primary danger. In children, during the struggle to overcome their resistance, you may burn the tongue, the teeth, the internal walls of the mouth, and thus increase the evil, without cauterizing as it should be done. In all instances presence of angina pectoris in patients with arteriosclerotic heart disease suggests severe coronary artery narrowing. Since this solution was so made than as chlorine; and the chlorine value above is converted to NaCl of cholesterol: Will kindly note this change of address. Gastroscopic examination revealed multiple polyposis. The Council approved, in principle, a proposal by Representative Charles Fry, involving repeal of certain sections of the law with regard The Council voted to request exemption for professionals in pending legislation which might require employees of political subdivisions to Dr. Like other material submitted for publication, they must be typewritten double spaced and will be subject to editing and possible abridgment.