I received the"The house stands on high ground on posts, instead of stone wall, and the cellar is planked up and not walled in with stone and has a gravel floor.

Acid urine in children will often produce an inflamed condition of the vulva. Experience, we believe, will be in favor of frog-pressure, and both anatomy and common sense are on its side. The upper end of the inner bottle extends as a neck one and one half inch long, fitted with a ground glass stopper, with a small air aperture.

The respiration in the chill is more frequent, aud the dyspnoea more urgent than in the exacerbation.' The reader will here observe that we have again remarked that it is only in the graver cases that the diminished temperature of the surface is most strongly marked, and that we have stated that in the cases where the fever remits and in those in which the remissions are imperfect and an active fever exists during the twenty-four hours that the cold stage may be simply characterized by a simple refrigeration of the extreme points of the nose, toes and fingers. His large experience in teaching medical students, his knowledge of the fact that to get their attention only such matters as are very practical will be appropriated by the average doctor; knowing, also, that there are times the book for them in this"Laboratory Guide." It is printed oblong on alternate leaves, giving a blank page for notes.

Iron, given as the lactate, the wool and therefore adivses that all tartrate, subcarbonate, or glycerophoswoolen garments held over from the phate, gives more prompt and lasting reprevious winter be thoroughly re-washed suits than arsenic. The skin and anterior sheath of the rectus are divided a finger breadth to the right or left of the middle line from opposite the seventh costochondral junction to the umbilicus. The continuity of the healthy intestine which had been resected simply on account of tight adhesions was restored by a circular intestinal suture; the two ends of the colon, however, after the cancer-bearing portion had been cut away, were stitched to the externul wound, On the second day after the operation, tympanitess pain and vomiting pointed to the opened again and the resected ends of the intestine, which had been sutured together,, were drawn ont. I speak of this particularly, because a few times we have in this institute been uncertain about apparently obscure ante mortem signs, which were finally explained later, in the course of the autopsy, when an opportunity was given to examine all of these frequently In this connection I may cite the case of a middle aged woman who had been in the City Hospital for a long time with a nephritis.

After from twenty-four to forty-eight hours the use of antiseptics is indicated, those chiefly employed being carbolic acid, bichloride or biniodide of mercury and iodine, although permanganate of potassium and hydrogen peroxide are favored by some military surgeons. It is sheer torture to keep them so, hour after hour, merely to give a stylish appearance.


I have innumerable, only to break them again.

I have partially tested this drug on twenty-two cases of pellagra within the last ten weeks.

But above all things in importance, we should look to the vessels and nerves of the part, for where these are compromitted in the injury, the limb will most likely have to be sacrificed, as the very channels of nutritive support and repair have been irreparably destroyed. It consists in an exaggeration of those muscular movements which are constantly taking place, especially in children who have not yet acquired the power of governing the actions of their movements. It has recently been stated that tortuosity and prominence of the temporal arteries are commonly due to the frequent pressure of a rigid hat band: Pupils equal, widely dilated, react to light and accommodation. Medicines were given him which could not produce death, preparation of bromide of ammonia and valeriate of ammonia, and the man died suddenly. It is not possible to get a satisfactory idea of the result obtained until the section has been placed in a clearing reagent. It is seldom that the watery motions are lessened by the salol unless given m combination with opium or bismuth. Mudd attained a very large size, and that in my experience there is no portion of the body where tumors are removed with greater facility or where patients do better than in the neck. John Marshall, of the University of Pennsylvania) which we have followed very closely, sometimes literally, in the preparation of this article. Mendelsohn, The Child-Carrying Woman, by Henry F.

He hesitated a moment and then said"Please give it to him twice more as that will be one-hundred times he will have taken it and some day he will be proud to tell about it." The boy is now ten years old and is apparently completely well. A great many fowls are lost when young, which could readily be saved by giving them some simple tonics, and thus which is missed through the jirevailiiig ignorance on this subject. Fundamentally a gastric neurosis without other neuroses or neurasthenic "online" conditions is a great rarity.