The College of Physicians and Surgeons, of Boston, Mass., medical faculty of Brown University of Providence, R. The breast cases have especially interested me, and I have come to feel entirely at liberty to make extremely wide and thorough removal of disease in this situation, knowing that I could at the same time cover the surface, without resorting to any plastic operation by sliding flaps, and without running the risk of having to treat a large ulcer for many months after operation.

Tumor had diminished remarkably in size while under observation.

Using the positive from large brass electrode, seance took from twenty to thirty minutes every second day, until the pain had entirely disappeared, after some fifteen treatments. Bat water for that time, aud visiting your patient after Uie lapse ofi siiort period, you will find the coma distinctly less if it liave been excitet by alcohol. Since writing the above, I learn that this patient conceived again last March, and had a similar attack of nausea and vomiting, which did not yield until her physician (into whose neighborhood she had moved) adopted a local treatment. Public charities, asylums for // the lame, blind, insane, idiotic, infants and aged, have accomplished vastly more than medicine. The report in your journal of the discussion on chronic nephritis, before the Section on Internal Medicine, at the late International Congress in Berlin, might serve as a handle to om: detractors were the reports printed in the Even to the young and enthusiastic physician who had attended the meeting expecting to hear the last, final, definite word on an important subject, by these leaders of the medical profession from all parts of the world, the According to yom: report.

Perhaps you may not think them unworthy your fair pages. He also requests the several medical societies and editors of journals kindly to assist in the publication of the wished-for researches. I should perhaps also mention that he has a right inguinal rupture, and the right testicle is small and bodily weight and appearance, although he claims to have once lungs have any evidence of disease. More recently recognition has been given to the not-too-infrequent presence of carcinoma contained within a diverticulum.

The wound was closed and healed by the first intention. The parenchymatous form is characterised by different symptoms, accordingly as the testis is alone aflected, or is so ia common with the tunica vaginalis: but, as already stated, this form is although abscess might have been predicated irom the violence the inflammation sometimes assumes. Or half an ounce of cream of tartar, mixed in six ounces of peppermint water, may be administered in one dose every morning. It is always interesting, said Dr. If, on the other hand, the specific gravity is higher than normal and the percentage of fat is low, it is fair to assume that the milk has been skimmed. These patients ranged in age from ten to seventy-nine years. In answer to farther questions, he stated that the point of departure of the peritoneal inflammation did not correspond with the point of attachment of the polypus, and that there was no laceration of the os uteri, which seemed, at its posterior aspect, to have become merged in the tumor, so that it could not be distinguished. The question must be decided principally on the results of examination of the heart and http kidneys.

The child then squeezed the ball as quickly as possible. Wingate, thinking the dog was coming to him, jumped over into the lot again, and starting around the stable met the dog face to face. The whole field of medicine, surgery, hygiene and sanitary science has been laid under contribution. Therefore, through the kindness of Dr: The same physician tells us that he has twice known, in two different patients of his, a living caterpillar to be voided from the intestines. In many of the commoner diseases, three or four pictures of the more usual types are shown.

Any really elevated and exquisite production of the poetic fancy such as this is calculated to be a mental consolation and thus a physical assistance to any jaded, overworked citizen subject to the tension of modern life, as well as to the actual invalid.


If it does not involve the macular region, and urea keeps above the danger line, we may wait for full-term delivery, or at least for the period of reasonably safe viability of the child, meanwhile being ready to induce labor on short notice should the macular region be encroached upon or other evidences of progress of the retinal lesions appear.

It holds that, in normal circumstances, a reverberating extrapyramidal circuit, consisting of Area globus pallidus, ansa lenticularis, ventrolateral nucleus of the thalamus, thalamocortical radiations, and precentral cortex, inhibits the appearance of tremors. The worm is thus less likely to be defended against the access and contact of the drug, by food, or by the intestinal secretions. The physician who failed to report his cases was fined three hundred ducats for the first offense, and for a second offense was banished from the country for ten years.