Dr Yoast, a political scientist, is the director of the ASSIST Project, Bureau of Public Health, Wisconsin Division of Health: // From then on his exertional dyspnea was more severe, and he was forced to use two or three pillows in order to About two years previously he developed ankle edema, which cleared completely after treatment with digitalis and mercurial diuretics. Lettres relatives h la litbotripsie,.

Tables should be typed and numbered and should name with initials, title, periodical abbreviation, volume, pages, and year. Eye surgery with the photocoagulators needs only minimal anesthesia; it can be done on the ambulatory patient, and the after-care is simple since the photocoagulators work in a second or a fraction thereof. Those cases of jaundice due to spirochetes are classed as severe and mild. A feeling of faintness, especially on assuming the erect position, dizziness, and flashes of light occur. If infection is present, the offending organisms are cultured, and appropriate antibiotic therapy is given by injection or orally. Reservists and guardsmen in units can get more detailed information from their unit commanders.


Nutritious food, balanced diets, attitudes toward food, fat people, and dietitians are often the subject of cartoons, quips, and jokes.

Lecture introductory to the course of. In fistulous cases secondary infection practically always // exists. The entire heart should be decorticated if possible, but particular attention must be given the ventricles, which must be completely released so that they can be observed to expand satisfactorily in diastole and contract vigorously in systole.

We have seen a declining percentage of physicians entering clinical medical practice in the past few years.

The filtrate is treated with Tryptic broth is prepared by diluting the stock broth dissolved in tap-water and adjusting the reaction.

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Acute endocarditis sometimes, though rarely, occurs.

Memoria Wilson (T.) An inquiry into the origin and Abekan (F.