Special attention is given in each issue to the reporting of the County Medical Societies, which will make the Journal of special interest to the Canadian practitioners. This objection also applies to the delegates from the medical departments of the army ami navy and Public Health Service. Harris said: I desire through this Society to give publicity to the following statement, received a few days ago in a letter from Dr. The points of interest in the author's case were the anatomical situation, the history of severe freezing of the auricle, the age and sex of the patient, the severe ha;morrhage following removal, the ossification of the auricle, and the permanency of the THE LIBERALITY OF THE CODE OF ETHICS. An author thus writing is unjust to his readers, to his subjects, and to himself. The breathing was characteristic of asthma site and emphysema. Fifty years ago there was only one source of constitutional disturbance recognized, and that was the nervous system. If the ulcer is of old standing and the muscular fibers exposed, or if the edges be undermined or a sinus present, palliative treatment is mere waste of time, for by an operation properly performed the patient may be cured. According to published accounts, she made statements to these physicians in the course of medical examinations which, if known to the opposing counsel, could be used to her disadvantage. Neurologist) discusses the psychical phenomenon which the French call folie a deux, the English double insanity. Formad was the first in this city to insist on of abdomen,-' or"rupture of abdominal vessels,""h?ematoceles and varicoceles of tubes," etc., were, in all probability, cases of extrauterine foetation. The inner surface of the pad should be sufficiently convex to allow pressure upon the whole length of the inguinal canal and to completely close the internal and external rings. He employs a platinum probe introduced into the uterus and a broad abdominal electrode of fuller's earth. In my part of down the hospital you have seen two horses in which staphylococci have thus caused abscesses in different parts. It is to be noted that they had never occurred except on the fingers and the heels, and that the liability to them had extended over twenty years. Uncombined with sarcoma it is a local growth, does not recur after extirpation, or give rise to general infection. Yates and the United States Post Office Department in the movement. By standing the animal on its hind legs the heart-sounds and vesicular murmur become readily perceptible, while the upper part of the thorax is resonant; in the normal standing position the resonance disappears or becomes dulled (eroids). At the present day website we know that cancer may occur in all species of animals.

In the afternoon he reviews was noisy. The symptoms are diarrhoea, fecal vomiting and eructations, emaciation and general debility, and pain. I hacked had collected with the usual precautions some pus for bacteriological examination and cultivations. Eczemas there are efflorescences in which, by the aid of the means at present at our disposal, microorganisms cannot be discovered, or at least not in such sort that any pathogenic role whatever can be attributed to them. This then becomes stationary or retrogressive.