I will not burden you with tedious statistics, as these can be found in its printed annual reports.


On percussion the thorax may appear of normal resonance throughout; but when pleural lesions and exudates exist, resonance gives place to partial or complete dulness. A term formerly synonymous with crystallization, but now applied to the partial solidification of a fluid body by exposure to cold, or by the cohesion of the particles of the blood, of effect produced upon albumen by heat, results from coagulation. Centre for the left hand and the supramarginal gyrus involved. The information at present available is indefinite, and the symptoms so closely resemble those of Texas fever that there seems a possibility of The lesions are those of hemorrhagic gastro-enteritis. A most remarkable incised wound of the chest is reported by from the third rib at the costo-cartilaginous junction and severing completely the cartilages of tlie fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, and ninth ribs, wounding the lung and completely severing all the muscular and cartilaginous structures. In ancient Egypt hospitals were unknown, the sick being mostly attended to in their own homes, or, in case of the very poor, at the various temples in the city to which they belonged. In case of epidemics they have processions and fire off shooting-crackers to frighten away the germs of disease, the expense being covered by public subscriptions. Other varieties of goitre are recognised, such as fibrous, varicose and cystic goitre.

Then time after time fresh patches //www.hyperparapharmacie.com appeared on surfaces which had been sore before but had healed up. Sacred; a term applied to diseases formerly supposed to be immediately inflicted from Heaven, as sacer morbus, or epilepsy; sacer ignis, or erysipelas. After thoroughly washing out the interior of the sac with a solution of boric acid, its opening was stitched on the external wound of the abdominal parietes, and the whole dressed as after an ordinary laparotomy. A poimd weight; a term indeclinable both in the singular and the plural numbers.

The civilized world, medical and lay, is rather apathetic about consumption. With the exception of the one proprietary hospital in New Jersey, hospitals do not pay taxes. It was decidedly of a malignant character, and http of course medullary sarcoma or fungus hsematodes. The semiology of the circulatory apparatus comprises the clinical examination of the heart, arteries and veins, and the examination of the Heart. I believe no other plan of rduction treatment promises more than this, but it is not to be expected that it will always prove successful. Pure metal, found in the form of globules, in cavities of the other ores of this of mercury combined with silver. Parenchymatous mammitis may end in resolution in three to four days, with progressive but slow return to the physiological condition. There she took the baths, was placed on a rigid anti-rheumatic diet, and given the usual anti-rheumatic treatment, all of which did absolutely no good. Bernard Robins should be well informed. The pancreas is apparently normal. The first case, an aortic aneurism, he began by administering antisyphilitic serum, and achieved a remission of the pain; afterwards he promo used the antidiphtheritic serum, and kept his patient free from pain for about two years. The general clinician and the pediatrist, in particular, should ever be on the qui vive for this trouble. Tongue tremulous, but nearly straight. Buck also code stated in this connection that he had employed the same procedure with success in discovering the existence of a calcareous body impacted in the prostrate gland. Sulphate of avis iron, on the contrary, prevents the formation of sulphnretted hydrogen, and affects neither iron, zinc, nor mortar, nor is Another agent that possesses some, if only a limited, applicability as a disinfectant, is sulphurous acid.