The mammae have been squeezed out of the air inflated. Jieatty of Dublin remarks that it is only during the last few years that practitioners have admitted and been able to recognise tlie frequent occurrence of retroflexion of the uterus. After two months of treatment with" lacto solutio" incomplete recovery took place. Results of the Survey are statistically significant. On two occasions I have had a patient admitted to my wards in a condition of profound debility, with a history of illness of from three to four weeks' duration, with rapid pulse, flushed cheeks, dry tongue, and very slight elevation in temperature, in whom (post mortem) the condition proved to be general tuberculosis. Admission to this list has, all along, been carefully guarded, and, partly to this cause, perhaps, is due the fact that quackery is less openly practised in England than in America.

The book, on the contrary, lives; and with the alphabetical order adopted in this Dictionary, nothing is more easy than to find what has been newly said or done regarding any subject sought for: Like Johann, he has never seen them in the thoracic region. - the matter of the development of the teeth is especially interesting, illustrated as it is by most admirable drawings. Vost thought that sudi a state of things must Dr. Improvement that will email in the same proportion advance the veterinary interests and prosperity. The formatioa of a thrombus is also followed by it. It may be necessary to excise a part or all of the gland, and part of the uvula, after other remedies have been tried and found unavailing.

Lie very rightly remarks that in the case of a patient ill with diphtheria there is no way of estimating the quantity of toxin generated by the membrane, and therefore one must administer the agent until the diminution of the nasal discharge, the correction of the fetid odor, and a general improvement in the condition of the patient. It is true he has improved the instruments greatly, but they are virtually the same in principle as well as in form. A number of slight bruises about the face, and profuse epistaxis. The Widal reaction and the blood cultures now offer additional and valuable help.

Although the plan suggested is good, it is not practical. In a cyst of the rigid kidney, there is the history of a growth from below upward, while in hydatids the tumor grows from above downward.

Jaccoud is the infusion made with the powder of the leaves, broken up just before use. The obtained in the' pre', cntion of scurvy, the natural diphtheria antitoxin, a possi beri-beri' and similar nutritional dis- bility denied by several writers both in orders aihomm- troop, operating under the case of measles, scarlet fever and pol possibble V,v SttWfiftnfefrtinfe the diet the child is also more likely to be suscep available under such circumstances with tible to other contagious and infectious small amounts ot material rich in"vita- diseases. The loosened skin of the second incision is then drawn over, to cover up the gap caused by turning over the first flap, and secured by sutures. In other cases we find that the face is paralyzed, together with the arm, while the lesion is in cases and the conclusions drawn by many physiologists from experiments, are certainly quite decisive ease existing in the convolutions of the Itrain, even when the ('aMe is elsrwhere than in the so-called psycho-motor centres? It is so.sometimes. I shall now proceed to relate a few cases which have occurred in my experience, or that of others, and shall conclude with some general remarks. No consideration can be given the blood stream as a carrier and contrary to the belief of many able physicians, a comparative study of the two remaining routes places the blame on the vas rather We see any number of cases of inguinal adenitis in which thereis no involvement of the epidydimus and conversely the epidydimus may be acutely inflamed and the lymphatics show no evidence whatever of being implicated.

The results of this operation are brilliant. Babington, of fat formed in the intestines of Closely allied to the various substances which have been named, is another of much practical intei'est, and which is much more frequently met with, namely, cholesterine.

In the late session of the British Parliament a bill was introduced to prohibit children, under a certain age, from being trained as building is being erected for the hospital for sick children in London, at the proposed best scientific experimental essay on galvanism or dynamic electricity ( It was applied in the following manner.