The introduction of the oil into the Pharmacopoeia may serve to encourage its manufacture and use in the United States, but the principal oil crop of the South must necessarily be from the seed of the cotton plant, which, as a by-product of cotton-farming, is Benne oil is a light-yellow, limpid oil, of a bland, agreeable taste, and no odor. The pasteurizing of milk is to be carried on all over the city, and the physicians all over Philadelphia are warm State Analyst Eaton before the Illinois Dairymen's Association, he advocates the use of refrigerator cars especially built to handle the milk traffic, also coolers at every station as well as a steam sterilizing plant for empty cans, and adds that if dealers were required by law or ordinance to wash cans before returning to the train, a great improvement could be made in Chicago milk dealers:"Shippers' cans must be returned to farmers clean and dry. This is shown by the diminution of the quantity of the air respired, and by the respiration becoming periodic and superficial. Admissions not related primarily to diabetes mellitus were excluded: eg, or treatment of cystic fibrosis. This value is the averag number of years lost per individual. Reynolds, Moore, Law, Huff, Butler, Rutherford, Senator Owens, and others. Therefore, ask all army colleagues to vote for the proposition through the pages of the Rkview, so that we can proceed to draw up a petition, have it properly signed and forwarded through proper military channels. This is collected mechanically by rupturing the vesicles, sometimes by the old sponge process used with oranges and lemons in obtaining their oils, but more generally now by a sort of hand-mill, into which the fruits are put whole, and rolled and rubbed against a series of knives, which cUt or scrape the surface and so liberate the oil. The new edition omits the references to processes of chemical technology, prices and deals with chemistry only. Salary plus bonus for Non-practicing M.D.

Where the synovialis is but slightly changed, the symptoms are simply those of dropsy of the joint.

Rapport sur la qualite des eaux de puits Seine (Departement de la). Submit items for consideration, with photos if Award in Health Education for his efforts in developing a health education curriculum for Houston area school children. The vein (that is, the jugular vein) is allowed to fill up by compressing it with one finger while the other hand pushes the well-sharpened point of a long and slightly curved needle, the same to be about three inches long anyway, through the skin and into the jugularis. Much less pain will be caused by a soft passage on the third day after the operation than will result from confining the bowels for ten days or a fortnight as is usually done.

Emotional excitability is also increased. Direct inquiries or send CV to Gail associate.

This great difference is owing to the less active change of tissues, and the smaller consumption of oxygen in the young animal, The more active the vital combustion, and the greater the demand upon the general store of oxygen in the blood, the quicker the young animal perishes when the respiration is obstructed. The drug was tried in chronic alcoholism, softening of the brain, chronic morphinism, epilepsy, in which the night's rest was disturbed by frequent attacks of cramp; in tuberculosis, gastric ulcer, rheumatism, and tubes; the lancinating pains in the PRELIMINARY MEDICAL EXAMINATION. I take pleasure in being able to exhibit a galvanometer to the Society this evenmg that answers all re(iuirements for therapeutic purposes. With the exception of measurement of time, which are unalterable, being natural divisions fixed by the revolutions: of tlie earth, there is none to which this system is applicable, whether of weight, length, surface, solid contents, angles, values, interstices or forces. Morton's Professor of Materia Medica in the University. Baum, MD, Houston, Chairman Harold R. Blisniansky: Ueber den angeblichen nachteiligen Einfluss des Skopolamlns auf Puis und injection de scopolamine en chirurgie urinalre.

Anatomie Normale, annually, and issues the fruit of its yearly labours in a convenient form, but its name is very misleading, although cost the subheading to the Bulletins is comprehensive, even to the extent of being excessively vague. Whatever may be thought of my theory, my practice proved successful, for she was immediately able to walk without lameness, and on the third day danced at a private ball without inconvenience." Although we cannot admire too much the maimer in which he threw the quadriceps out of action by first pretending to extend the joint, meaning all the while to bend it, yet the secpiel shows that Hey would iiave been wiser to have kept liis patient in bed to permit a complete later he was again called upon to relieve his patient of a My main purpose in writing is to bring instances of the kind just cited to the notice of my professional brethren, for I am convinced that if the medical practitioners of England had been fiimiliar with the observations of William Hey and grasped his method of treatment, bone-setters would not be now flourishing in the west end of London, and there would have been no need for questions in Parliament concerning We see, then, that recognition of" internal derangement of the knee" as a distinctive disorder was made in Leeds, but to understand how we came to know the nature of the lesion which gives rise to that disorder we have to follow certain"happenings"" in Edinburgh during the latter half of the during this episode in Goodsir's life that Owen Thomas came close on his heels followed Thomas Annandale, son of a surgeon in Newcastle, who is presently to figure in this history.