The narrowness of the human fornix as measured by the distance between the lateral margins of the two fimbrias in their horizontal portions; compare the sheep, the figure; but, as somewhat fully discussed in VIII., fornix, as a whole, cannot be indicated. Professor of Materia Medica and'Therapeutics and Clinical Medicine, Medical College of Ohio. Some horses are what is called ribbed is plainly evident by the falling in of the flank. The cultures were jen would not account for the failure of the dye to work as expected in This experiment illustrates that although the acrirlavine was pushed to the point of almost completely sterilizing the cavities, recovery did not take place. Its lamintB are in as intimate and perfect union with those of the crust as before the hoof had begun to change. This horse has been erroneously selected as the pattern of a superior Arabian, and therefore we have introduced him: few, however, of his produce were trained who can add much to his reputation. But there were cases presenting somewhat similar phenomena which were perhaps attributable to endosomatic poisons, generated or accumulated in the disordered The author then pointed out some difficulties in the way of diagnosis, and some facts bearing on the prognosis. The cerebrum was sliced off so as just to clear the large paraplexuses. We devised, therefore, a syringe with the needle offset from the center so that the needle may be easily necessary pressure in inserting it does not flatten the vein and thus prevents passing the needle through the posterior wall of the vein.

There is no fact to support the supposition that animals can carry thedisease, either on the skin or hair.

The bladder was sacculated greatly. Eight parts of ahead, the breadth of the ham taken from the Also the breadth of the head above the nostrils. Five serious attacksof bronchitis followed the administration of ether in one Experiment upon animals as a means of determiningthe relative danger of the two great anaesthetics has been actively prosecuted during the last few years.

Waldeck Rousseau declares that complaints the requests to see clergymen were not so frequent as had been alleged. Bruce speaks of" What figure the Nubian breed of horses would make in point of swiftness is very doubtful, tlieir form being so entirely different from that of the Ai-abian; but if beautiful and symmetrical parts, great size and strength, the most agile, nervous, and elastic movements, great endurance of fatigue, docility of temper, and, beyond any other domestic animal, seeming attachment to man, can promise any thing for a stallion, the Nubian is, above all comparison, the most eligible in the world.

Cancer, "" wherever it can be reached, demands, as our only reliable remedy, the early and unsparing use of the knife. The book gives general and special advice, treats of habit, diet, rest, Practical Guide to Diseases of the Throat, Nose and and brought up to date as far as that is possible in an elementary work, and short sections have been added on such practical points as oral sepsis, occasional risks attending the tonsil and adenoid operation, tonsillectomy, submucous resection of the nose, intranasal operation for chronic autral suppuration, danger signs in ear disease, the conservative mastoid operation, the examination of the labyrinth, etc. Recurrence of the inflammation must be prevented, the enlargement must be got rid of, and the parts must be strengthened.

Alcohol may produce so-called" Bright's" disease in an individual, or" Bright's" disease may result from causes remote from alcohol. They are evidently connected with the thymus gland, and become parts and portions of the parotid glands. It seems difficult to understand how the Board of Examiners, constituted under the Act for the final examination of all candidates for the licence of the Medical Council, can pass those adopting any other theory than that of orthodox medicine. At the Xew York Lying-in Hospital they all followed his technique. Recently it had become ver) painful and the applicant was rejected. It is not the fault of our science if the business man or housewife declares he has no time to exercise. In four days it becomes"fluid-gelatinous-transparent," and in from five to fourteen days it becomes" solid-gelatinous" and faintly yellow, but remains transparent.

In England chloroform is likely to be contaminated with the methyl compounds from the use of necessity for investigating the purity of chloroform in hypersecretion and arrest of respiration to impure chloroform. That it entered the system, and must have had more or less influence on the disease, appears evident from its effect on the gums.

The acceptance of a law permitting of interchangeability in transmitted tendencies does not invalidate that generally accepted law admitting the transmission of imperfection in cell structure; it only serves to emphasize it by pointing out the variety of results originating from a common source.