This is the main fact to review which I desire to draw your attention as social reformers. Bearings in a masterly and exhaustive manner, and presented many practical points which will doubtless be brought up for legislative action in the near The iEtiology and Treatment of Puerperal Convulsions was discussed in The report of the Committee on Matters of Professional Interest in the State, read by Dr.

Murray, of Forres, has just been presented with a handsome brougham and a purse of sovereigns by hifl friends to supplement the action of the local authorities, and to caiTy out the powers entrusted to them, as well as to assiet and encourage the labours of individual worker.s. Lasher, Brooklyn; First Vice-President, Joseph S. But such circumstances do not indicate certainly the current of professional opinion, and we shall not, in like manner, ascribe to Scanzoni and his" Chronische Metritis" an aristocratic superiority over all his countrymen. A point of interest was the flatness of the anterior abdominal wall, with more fullness in the flanks than the speaker had ever before observed in a cystic tumor. In bad cases, during the course of the third week the tongue is frequently crossed by cracks and fissures, which are the cause or much discomfort to the patient, and when deep may bleed and leave l)ehind them scars which are recognizable during the remainder of his life. Heynsius and General Hospital, reports of cases treated at Black, Staff Surgeon, on horse and cattle sickness Bleeding, general and local. On his side with the leg and thigh flexed and raised upon a pillow.

I repeat, every man should have a professional home. A walking form of typhus fever, as has already been said, is much rarer than of typhoid, but it does sometimes occur, Dr. Repeat injection; tepid bath with cold affusion to head; continue treatment, with addition of carb. The study of the ether and of electrons is abstruse enough to occupy all the energies of the physicist. - the Secretary reported that the Vaccination Committee had met, and after duly considering the points which the Society had had under discussion at the last meeting, had drawn up the following Memorial, which the committee" The President and Fellows of the Edinburgh Obstetrical Society have at their meetings lately had the calamities resulting from the want of a Vaccination Bill for Scotland pressed upon their attention.

The fluid in the first was of a bluish-white colour; in the second yellowish, or about the colour of dry gelatine. When an infusion of nut-galls was added to the first, it produced a rich cream-like fluid, and slowly precipitated a fine compact sediment; when added to the second, the whole formed immediately into a coarse, brown coagulum. I accordingly put in motion a train of operations, laid more at my ease than I had been in any position since my confinement, for sleep, without any increase of neuralgia.

The operation by divulsion has the same effect as that of internal urethrotomy, namely, that of putting in a splice of tissue to extend the calibre of the urethra at the point of stricture. Proportion to age and refractive error.

The patient was a very fat man, with poor circulation, and evidently a bad subject for etherization or operation. Although this system was discovered some sixteen or seventeen years ago by Robin, no great amount of attention was given to it for described and figured as morbid states of the vessels in cases of general paralysis of the insane. If a man who had had a stricture ten or eleven years ago so small that should come back now perfectly well, it would be pretty good evidence of the character and permanency of the cure; and Dr.

Cystoscope showed many ulcerations about the bladder; ureter catheter with this quite freely. Cerio, of Capri, long an Italian army surgeon, English speaking, and with strong Anglo-Saxon affinities (through his English wife), has now removed to Pozzuoli for the purpose of thoroughly investigating the subject of the present paper; and from wliat I have seen of the gentleman and of his practice at Capri I have reason to believe that erelong we shall be put in possession of very important evidence corroborative of the conclusions that may be drawn from the statements I am about to make.