The difference between the temperatures of the dry and wet bulb thermometers was far beyond anything he had met with in the Niger, and indicated an unwonted dryness of the atmosphere in the Zambesi. Turner is professor of medicine and head of the gastroenterology unit at the medical center. There is therefore no organic disease of the kidneys. Their exami- from densely populated towns, nation of drugs, and the ability will well appreciate the great with which in many instances advantages that may be derived they have extracted the active from M. The Spaniards called it the disease of Espafiola; the Italians called it the French disease; the French called it the Italian disease; the English credited it to the French; the Russians named it the Polish disease; for the Turks it was the French disease; and for the Indians and Japanese the Portuguese disease. According to the prevailing interpretation pain (sorrow) was ordained in childbirth, and the prevention of pain during childbirth"was contrary to religion and the express command of Simpson replied to these accusations in a series of papers which for their theological skill and sound logic left little to be said against the use of chloroform. Six patients were taking, or had with erythema nodosum.

In fact the abundance of these may lower by reason of severe competition the standards of care, and this situation may then be interpreted as requiring the One knows that in metropolitan areas with con, gested populations and low standards of living there low income, bad housing and subnormal standards of living. The diction is often involved in character, making the author's meaning obscure, but with this single fault (due, perhaps, to careless or too rapid composition), the book is a good one, and should be recommended. This point is of the greatest practical importance to the genito-urinary surgeon. A pilot study unit was instituted jointly with the Veterans Home and Hospital Commission at the Veterans Home and Hospital. No history of syphilis; habits temperate. Thus arose the midwife, at first a blessing and a comfort, but later the greatest impediment to the advance of the obstetrical art. If it is unattended by pain, the solution may be much stronger; and in some rare instances it may When injected into the vagina, it should be much diluted; sometimes even with thirty times its weight of water, and the solution may be rendered stronger, according as the patient becomes able to bear it.

HEMATURIA COEXISTESfG WITH SYMPTOMS DENOTESfa DISEASE IN THE The class in which symptoms such as frequency of micturition, obstruction to the stream, and pain in the urethra, siiprapubic region, or perineum, precede the appearance of blood in the urine, comprises most of the diseases of the bladder and urethra. However, his basic competitiveness and aggression was brought out directly in his dream life, which he was able to recognize; then it became apparent in his social and business life, where he was becoming more successful; and finally it came into the transference. The view of the inner surface of the bladder distended with water is transmitted by a telescopic arrangement to the eye of the observer at the outer end of the instrument. Their outlines are irregular and covered with a dense and very irregular mass of syncytial cells.

Instead of the uniform and orderly arrangement of tubes and glomeruli which we see in the normal kidnev, the tubes seem to be obliterated in some places and dilated in others.

All facts go to show that the operation is much less frequently practised at present than it was in former times; the reason of this being, that the art and practice of midwifery having improved, fewer women now die after childbirth in the hands of the doctor. Thompson describes a case in which several thousand of these concretions were visible microscopically. Your mind is belated from youth the front part of the brain not being drawn up to the Scull as it should be Subject to decay. The pus was evidently coming from the right renal pelvis, and this taken in conjunction with the scar and the history of the recent attack, established the diagnosis of an extra-urinary abscess. Short tubule with a very small lumen; the glandular portion is represented by a very slight terminal enlargement lined by glandular cells. Neither could induration be elicited on deep palpation.