Some modern observers (Magendie, Marchal, and Poggiale) have adopted this view, but it is one to which little importance can be attached; in the first place, because this form of coagulum is often absent, and in the second place, because nothing is known of the change which has taken place in fibrin which does thus coagulate. No treatment acting as excitants to the muscles or nerve cells, such as massage, electricity or vibro-massage, should be instituted until we are sure that the inflammatory process has subsided in the cerebro-spinal axis. Ni'trogen, Gaseous Oxide of, Nitrous oxide, Protox'ide of nitrogen or of azote, Paradise gas, Intoxicating gas, Laughing gas, Dephlogisticated nitrous gas, Gas azot'icum oxygena'tum: Of the Ansemia Commission he states of inhabitants treated for uncinariasis, and a fall of the death rate from forty-two in each LOOO to about twenty-three in each to him by Mr. "Some seventy-five years ago Dax determined the fact that disturbance of left third frontal convolution. The bone tissue showed only moderately the usual changes found at that period of life, but the angle at which the neck joined the shaft was found The comminuted character of the fracture, and especially the fact that the trochanter major was broken off, rendered it more than likely that the patient had fallen upon the trochanter when the injury was sustained. Its roots unite into one thin round cord, which makes a turn upon the peduncles of the brain, and passes into a canal of the dura mater near the posterior clinoid process ( A physiologic salt solution is used as a vehicle. This may possibly be the one death recorded in performed in (ireat Ihitaiu, was successful. If the pectoral muscles are infected, it is probably by contiguity of tissue; so if the breast is first cut off and then the pectoral muscles, the surgeon has cut through the cancerous tissue, even though it may be imperceptible to the naked eye, and has almost surely spilled some cancer cells in the wound that he himself has made. In the arrangement the syllabus of the St. It is understood, of course, from what has been said before, that all games which involve any great degree of physical exercise are not to be considered in this connection.

The spasmodic contractions of the sphincter is the result and not the cause of fissure. Or by a dead or degenerated fcetus, or, again, by an intrauterine polypus. I can judge of the condition of the ovary that I am removing, and in every case where I find in women before the climacteric one or both ovaries in which the normal structures have practically disappeared, I should certainly remove them, because they are of no value, and they are probably doing harm by the compression of the periphery of the nerves, often causing intense reflex trouble. It will be remembered that only a short time ago congratulations were freely expressed on the tact that London was practically free from rabies, in consequence of the beneficent action of the muzzling regulations, but when Mr. The substance of these bodies was occupied by yellow caseous matter.

While the contents of these cysts vary according to the branchial tract from which they are developed, yet they are always such as may be produced by some kind of epithelium, as only this variety of tissue is present at the time of closure of the branchial clefts. The author's paper was read before the Medical Society of St. As London, tunity of ascertaining the facts which uiust govern its actioD' in this respott, an unpleasant choice lies before it.

The statement as to the astonishing fecundity of women during the few years following the former disease is curious, if true. - unguentum mnriatis hydrargyri t u in Bulphuratum aleajinum ad Bcabiem of Mercury, Unguentum hydrargyri i I OIOCALYM'MA, O'iocalyp'trum; from ouov,'egg,' and kolKv-ktuv,'to cover;' Membra' na O'vuli cortica'lis.

This was the very point decided in the case of Gilbert vs. Temporizing is constantly being urged upon this ground. Arsenic acid, the arseniates, and orpiment ( POROCE'LE, from s-wpoj, callus,' and kvM,' a tumour.' A hard tumour of the testicle or its POROM'PHALON, Poromph'alus, Poromphaloce'le, from rujpog,'hard,' and oynpaXos,'the navel.' Umbilical hernia with hard and thickened parietes. Was unable to get any detail of fundas.