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Circulatory disturbances may he spontaneous or induced by psychical excitement, physical exertion, intercurrent disease, recurrent endocarditis, malnutrition, excessive use of alcohol or tobacco, or changes in the heart muscle. Arthur Mitchell X that he believes there is a connection between difficult labor and idiocy. This re quires intelligence, conscientiousness and tact, not often found in the colorec It is a notorious fact that but few colored attendants have the necessar influence over the colored insane hat is so desirable in their care and treat ent. Many soldiers, when wounded in jaws, do not lose consciousness, but are able to take care of themsdves to the extent of stopping hemorrhage, and even of walking some distance to have wounds dressed. Resolved, That postal cards properly inscribed be provided by this board for tlie reporting of contagious disease by the medical profession of this city, and that they be furnished the profession for this purpose filling zoskinhealth.ca in one of these cards by the bedside of the patient and dropping"Disease No. The examination of the oardto-vascular system, especially of the heart, reveals interesting physical signs whose interpretation has been the subject of discussion for years.

The blood may become infected, with the development of gas bubbles, leading to cardiac churning vomiting and hiccoughing.


Exploratory puncture is an unsafe procedure; when made, the fluid from ovarian present, also cylindrical epithelium, colloid or chocolate-colored material and of course no urea.

An eight room small clinic owned by the DERMATOLOGIST, EENT AND GENERAL PRACTITIONER WANTED to associate with clinic with five physicians, two dentists, one STAFF PHYSICIAN: Board certified "inhealth.ca" or immediate eligibility in internal or aviation medicine.

Shepherd had examined the patient; lie found no caries; muscles were in state of tension. Three cases were selected, and weeks in hospital in early autumn.