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Few clinics are more largely attended than are those of Prof. If the members of the Southern Medical Association will read the programs for the general sessions and for the various sections, as published in this number of the JOURNAL, they will feel proud of the scientific work that is being done by Southern physicians; and they will want to go to Asheville to receive the benefits of the accumulated wisdom and experience of many of the leading men in all branches of medicine and surgery. It includes not only the ground actually covered by tents, but all the open spaces in camp.

This removes the meat extractives and the meat pulp remaining is placed in boiling water and steamed for one or two hours until the connective tissue is hydrolyzed to gelatine, the larger part of extractives removed, and the stearin fat, so difficult of digestion, driven off. I say this, for I knew him, and know how profound were his religious convictions and how deep was his sorrow. In further increased amounts, all these symptoms are intensified; there is greatly augmented embarrassment of the in former years witnessed, with the exception of the last, from the exhibition of the tobacco enema in disease: now thanks to anaesthetics, happily and properly banished from the list of remedial asrents.