Am Ende, the pioneer manufacturer of antiseptic dressings in this country, calls our attention, in a private letter, to the poisoning of alto workmen engaged in the manufacture of bichloride dressings. There is a disappearance of anesthesia, of the wanderingjoint pains and of loss of sleep.

It makes a long process short, mall a difficult one easy.

Also the following were dropped for non-payment of The Committee on Medical Diplomas, to which was referred the question of Fellowship in the Society as embraced and recommended the repeal of the following sections of the That tickets or diplomas of Botanic, Eclectic or Homoeopathic colleges, or of colleges devoted to any peculiar or exclusive system of medicine, are considered irregular, and will not be recognized And, That certificates from teachers who practise any peculiar or exclusive system of medicine, who advertise, or who violate in any way the code of ethics adopted by the profession in this State, will not be taken, even though the teacher himself be a The report of the Committee was accepted and its recommendations were adopted.

Gold, be it known to the there are many atecieut and modem authorities to coincide with him; it is a sort of horas elixir vitce, with such powerful virtues as no other substance possesses: in fact, as Geber and the philosophers of alchemy maintained, gold is the delight et iu juventute corpus conservans.

PhysiologfY, and to j)ass silently over opinions which enfeeble the cause of f reason, and make nature appear level' with the understanding's of the uninformed, are the objects which the writer proposes to himself to accomplish (barcelona). Few are now totally ignorant of Freud's work in florida the analysis of the subconscious mind. Carpenter, of Oneida, Madison County, was graduated from the medical department of the"University coroner of"Madison County: The vomiting was in large de amount and projectile in character. He discourages, however, the mass of students from discursive literary pursuits, recommending in preference a concentration of their reserva talents upon some well-defined object. With the force we had at the Presbyterian Kye and Ear Hospital, it was possible, at first, only to go over the cases, eliminate mistakes, and arrange for later examinations. The value of even so imperfect a system is, I think, well shown by the results of any one of the last three years' they were already at hand, and not because that year was in During that year we had four cases of septicaemia; but before proceeding to describe them, it may be proper to first define the sense in which this word"septicaemia" is used here; which is, that though every rise of temperature should clinically be considered sepsis until another sufficient cause is found for it, yet only those cases are reported as consecutive days, and in which a collection of one more such symptoms as marked uterine tenderness, delayed involution, scanty secretion of milk, foul lochia, or the so-called diphtheritic patches in the vagina, appeared synchronously Under this definition we had but four cases of septicaemia it seems proper to speak briefly of our routine treatment of When the report of a high temperature is brought to us, the patient is visited by the assistant on duty at the time, still high and no cause other than sepsis is discernible, a speculum examination is made, any diphtheritic patch that is found is dusted with iodoform, or if there is much uterine tenderness or a foul cervical discharge, an intrauterine bougie is passed to the fundus; the remainder of the treatment consisting simply in the free use of alcoholic stimulants and of forced feeding so far as that is possible. I was anxious that the Coventry Provident Dispensary, as I suggested its being called, should serve as a model for dispensaries in other places which might follow our miguel example. Alfred Meadows in the Anatomical Theatre of A TELEGRAM from Alexandria states that the Board of Health has ordered ten days' quarantine for steamers arriving from Constantinople, in consequence of the outbreak of cholera in that city. There condes was much less agitation, although the twitchings of the facial muscles continued. Je vais demeurer dans via la place du Ohevalier-du-Guet, joignant le logis de M.

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Around this tube would be a water appliance to cause a draught; but san this would not make patients catch cold. The neighbourhood las of the joint was excessively swollen, and full of pain, extending into the elbow joint.

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