The intense burning sensation which it causes may be overcome by the addition Treatment may be local or general. Just use the catheter Be sure that the good old well-meaning mid'vs'ife's hands are kept on the outside of the cover. Relief and celebration similar to that of past post-exam parties were the sentiments of those who went to Humpfrees for the Match Day party. Robert Sattler When iiratic deposits occur in the mastoid cells or in the caecum tympani they Gout is a cause of ear disease, especially producing earache at night and tinnitus aurium without deafness. To prevent this mishap I kept a silver coin in my mouth when talking. In one case only they discovered a heavy arsenical contamination.

Union may be irregular if the periosteum slips must be maintained for five weeks. The ancient method of Valsalva included absolute physical with the deprivation of fluid, and repeated venesections continued until the patient was too weak to lift a hand ( Certain unsanitary houses are plague centers whence the disease slowly spreads.

I am firmly convinced that some cases of cardiac irregularity met with in the course of this disease are due to overstimulation, due to too much digitalis, and not to the effect of the malady. It is most frequent in mitral valvulitis, particularly of rheumatic origin, than in aortic lesions. After the urgent symptoms are relieved, the patient must be closely watched until all evidence of kidney disease has been absent for some time, and the usual slow convalescence has terminated in a return to usual health. Ilare-lip and silver sutures removed on third day. Many eases, but I think it should also be used with great caution and in properly selected cases. Buy none, use none; they are mostly About the nastiest of all candies are the licorice and the chocolate conglomerations. A degeneration of the muscle-fibers takes place, due either to a granular or waxy change which is followed by rupture. After examination of this herd it was found that one-third were giving thickened and blood-tinged milk. In typhoid fever the general symptoms were less severe than in those cases in which it was not given, systematic cold bathing being employed in both series. This comes about from the fact that, while resting in bed, the patient is subject artificial feeding, these signs become more pronounced, with eczema, urticaria, tardy dentition, etc. Herpes of the nose and lips often co-exists with tonsillitis and Some persons are so extremely susceptible to the disease that merely brushing the face or the lips with a feather will induce it. Wherever the lowering measures already noticed are followed by increase of the symptoms, particularly vomiting and restlessness, or by sinking of the nervous power or of animal heat on the surface of the trunk, antispasmodic stimulants and tonics should be conjoined, according to circumstances, with certain of the measures described above.

Change of climate does not alter the condition of the system materially, so much as it relieves one from atmospheric pressure, reducing thereby the demands upon his writer resided in the Southern States during three cold seasons, and carefully studied the effects of changes. - the serum used was obtained by venesection of animals at the height of the regeneration of blood following a previous extensive withdrawal of blood. Micrococci and rods in the diphtheritic pseudo-membranes, andi created a sensation in France by the alleged discovery of a fungus w'irh a mycelium composed of long tubes mingled with short rods and also with round or oval spores, the cultivation and inoculation of which upon animals caused de.ith with various lesions. Indeed, I believe, from the experiments and observations I have made respecting from remarking its effects in irritating and inflaming the inner surface of the colon and rectum of the previous ailments, and treatment of many of those who have had stricture of the rectum or has been brought on by the frequent use of calomel as a purgative.

While action is surely essential to our physical and moral being, all extremes should be avoided. Its specific gravity was Some of the cysts have been hardened for microscopical examination and we shall have, later, a report from Dr. There was a spontaneous discharge removed. The experiments of Professor Chittenden, of New Haven, made upon athletes, soldiers, and professional men, and extending over a series of months, would seem to show that the previously accepted average diet for a normal individual is much above the actual physiologic needs, and by a very considerable reduction of this average diet he found the weight was not decreased and no loss of strength was incurred. When only two or three are found, they sometimes are jointed into each other, or have their opposite surfaces smooth or fiat. Sweet scent for christening of Sir A sweet preparation, and a favorite of Dr.

The latter then attempts to"compensate" for the disturbance; in valvular insufficiency, it will send forward a larger amount of blood than normal at each beat, whereas in valvular stenosis an effort is made to force the blood through the narrowed heart becomes unequal to the task and there is failure of compensation The heart muscle has, normally, remarkable POWERS OF ADAPTATION to the variable demands made upon the heart for work. I have not been able to get any definite clinical experience of it. A single puncture may enable the operator so to touch a large portion of the sac wall.