In one instance there was embolism in the plained cursos the fatality. The vascular changes were present in the heart muscle as well as the kidney and other parenchymatous organs. The dangers of the a;-ray are not sufficient to overthrow their mi advantages in special conditions. For upper deck and mess deck games could be substituted, outdoor and indoor games (of which we have element. At once, in the mind of email the younger man, rose visions of three of the greatest teachers of obstetrics in America, all of whom he had heard say repeatedly:"Never, under any circumstances, give ergot until the uterus is empty," and it was with great reluctance that he complied with the older man's orders. It renders the mass alkaline; it precipitates and renders insoluble the azotised portion, leaving untouched the saccharine and the fatty. " That diseased conditions of the teeth and the structures adjacent to them, do exert a most pernicious influence upon the general health, is a fact as well established as any other medical observation; yet the medical profession are, with very few exceptions, entirely unaware of it. If termmation of pregnancy is decided on, two methods should be considered: (a) the induction of labor, and (b) the removal of the child by cesarean section. There were no other bony lesions. C.iUTLEY, in reply, said there was no history suggestive of syphilis, but a Wassermann reaction would be tried.

The abdomen should be explored and the lower tumour removed, if it was hypernephroma. Uterine fibroids may not interfere with the normal course, but sometimes complications are produced by impaction in the lower pelvis by cysts, prolapse and retroversion (intramed.nety). Representative body of picked men really deliberates on and carefully disposes of many of the and medico-matorial problems constantly puzzling us as a well-defined professional unit in the social order In the majority of the states the profession has with avidity adopted the uniform plan of organization for argentina the state medical association. The two main modifications of the original operation were those of Kelly and Doyen, and both had reference mainly to the abnormalities introduced by eccentric growth.

It was found that the pericardium had been distended so greatly as to extend up to the clavicle, while the left lung was completely collapsed.

They correspond to the parietocohc fold of Jonnesco and the bloodless fold of Treves.

Shattuck, Medical Society, Xevv York (annual); Washmgton Heights Medical Society, New York; Alumni Association of Seney Hospital, Brooklyn; Rome Medical interesting programme has been arranged which includes addresses by Dr. I verily believe that if but half the energy and effort, vrhich we now put forth in endeavouring to cure those already ill, were devoted, with equal intelligence, to preventing people from being ill, the effect upon the total sum of human suffeinng and death would be vastly greater." Sentiments with which I am in whole-hearted sympathy and because of" The Position of the Medical Profession with regard to a scheme for National Physical Education." I am certain I shall be voicing the opinions of my superintendent of the Naval School of Physical and Kecreational Training, as well as that of the heads of the same departments of the Army and Air Force, when I say they would welcome with both hands the collaboration of the Medical Profession in their arduous and intensely interesting work. Receive suggestions, or to give any information in their various School hygiene and child life. The mesenteric lymphatic glands were enlarged, and some of them reddish on section. Miss Waller told me that during the summer she tested people whom she had tested during the winter, and she found that during the summer the resistance was very much higher than during the winter, in the same people. The limitation of the drug inhaled, one' of the primary objects of the method, is then essential, and atropine, besides correcting some of the undesirable effects of the scopolamorphine, also prevents the excessive secretion of mucus and saliva, consequent upon the large quantity of ether which is inhaled in this method. Certain substances seem to have the power of absorbing the rays correo and giving them out later. Galloway asked whether any recent account of the histology of xanthoma occurring in glycosuria, or associated with visceral disease, had been published. With rest in bed the majority of such cases undergo complete absorption, the only indication for operative interference being the possibility of secondary rtipture of the hsematocele demanding coeliotomy, or infection of the sac, which is best treated by vaginal incision and drainage. Its commencement is, in the majority of cases, obscure may be its commencement, yet if it can be carefully observed, it will be found attended with inflammatory symptoms, though sometimes of a quite light and transient kind; there may be no" lumbar pain," but there is a slight general febrile movement, some quickening of the pulse, and a feeling of But the history of recorded cases shows that in very many it is ushered in with well-marked symptoms, such as general febrile action, headache, local commenced, may pursue a course so chronic, that one would never mistrust its primitive type.