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Repeatedly, virulent serum, both when concentrated and greatly diluted, lost its infective power after being passed through Berkefeld candles. - the existence of isotopes has enormously widened the The crisis through which we have recently passed hag had a profound effect upon the world. Professor of Obstetrics and Gynaecology. In the case of those required to give their whole time to the.service the appointment in the fiisfc instance is to the post of medical officer Class II, and from the seniors of this rank the medical officers Class I aro The pay of the whole-time prison medical staff is: are provided, or an allowauce in lieu is made. In till' lirnt place the nuHal mucns membrane is very delicate anri V(!ry likely lo absorb poisonuuH material, and therefore it is rather more important than the fauces. If he were asked, what was the prime cause of stricture of the rectum, he would answer, inflammation. Disease is remarkably rare amongst workmen in the hands on the Northern Railway of France, chosen and OIK' ol chancroid with suppurating bubo. If it is not, the cause of the obstruction should be found and removed. The bedbug is only rarely carried about in the clothing and yet it is well known that people who handle the clothing of typhus patients, such as laundresses and servants, are frequently stricken with typhus. TREATIMENT OF GONORRHOEA IN MEN ( In the first story proper, the rooms over the porch are occupied by the family of the Superintendent.

Externally he appeared in perfect physical health, the body and limbs lieing symmetrical and well-developed, the muscles not flabby but uniformly firm to the touch, the skin of good color and neither moist or clammy, nor unduly dry. Represented the eleventh consecutive guinea-pig passage of the strain which was perfectly tjTpical course clinically, the anatomic changes were characteristic, and cultures from the heart and organs remained free from bacterial growth. The danger of general inoculation resulting from operation, he considers as exaggerated. She entered a hospital where she received local treatment, and later she was treated for two months with electricity.

An a))plicant for admission to a course must have attained the age of interview.

In order to create any major impact upon this cause of injury, more communication and planning must take place among health care professionals, educators, engineers and others concerned with child safety. On examination, there were found two fractures of the humerus, dividing it into three nearly equal parts, the lower transverso and the upper oblique; there was a lacerated wound of the soft parts in the inner aspect of the arm, one inch above the upper fracture, sufficient to admit two fingers, one of which was passed between the fragments; there was also a fracture of both bones of the forearm at the junction of the upper and middle thirds, together with a lacerated wound of the soft parts opposite this point on its inner aspect, which admitted a finger to the fractured extremities of the ulna; at a corresponding point on its outer aspect there was a similar wound, but no bone was detected. The categories of foods: ap petizers and snacks, soups, salads, grain products, entrees of seafood, poultry, meat, vegetables, and of therapeutic diets, the book presents an experience in joyous, healthful eating. The program will contain contributions by the Symposium on Computer Applications in Association for Medical Systems and Secretariat, Office of CME, George An educational program and recep tion to welcome new resident physicians to the practice of medicine in In"Welcome" program will be held in the Fifth Floor Auditorium of Indiana Na tional Bank at One Indiana Square in Va., who will address"Beyond Sur ISMA members are invited to attend and welcome incoming residents to the practice of medicine in Indiana. This proposal naturally found favour with the Dominions Committee of the British Medical Association, and was regarded by the Departmental Committee as an ideal to be worked for, but one whose full attainment was not possible at present. But in all cases a weight is by far the most advisable means of extension. Instead of taking noxious medicaments afterward to cure the condition, one would better follow the prescriptions laid down in the preceding chapter and by a hygienic mode of life prevent the causes of the trouble.