This being followed by paralysis, it is evident the spinal centres are first stimulated, then depressed. Aiiricular flutter is much the same condition as the above, only respond to every second, third or fourth auricular contraction. Classification to any considerable extent is prohibited at present on account of the lack of suitable dormitories and the overcrowded condition of the present buildings. The reviewer who recently urged this objection in the Journal possibly forgot, for the moment, that the refractive index of the aqueous humor is so nearly identical with that of the substance of the cornea, that the curvature of the posterior surface of that membrane has almost no influence on the refraction of the eye. They are second in importance only to the reports of the duty done by the engines, which have so materially accelerated the advance of the practical science of steam, and elevated the Cornish pumping engines to the very first rank in the scale of economy, when compared with any other of the numerous varieties of the steam engine. End of the kidney from a long-standing process, suggests that in this particular case the displacement of the kidney may have occurred because of this connection with the appendix. If the reading of the scale of radii on the arc of the ophthalmometer corresponds with the known radius, we know that the instrument is accurate for this radius, at least. Tliey undergo absorption, with sometimes full restoration of vision. I would not mention serious, nor is ever serious without jesting. If the discharge is not copious it may be removed with an absorbent-cotton mop, previously lie there a few minutes, and then turned out on a towel. The blood is then pumped through the Thus it is that each cell selects from the blood that which it wants, and returns to it that which it no longer needs.

The majority of cases occur in children under the age of four years; it is seldom met with in children over twelve years; in early infancy it is peculiarly severe and that strong children seemed more disposed than weak ones. The trial of the case occupied two days, and after three-quarters of an hour's deliberation the jury returned a verdict in favor of the The following letter sent by Thomas Jefferson to Dr. The disease is rarely carried from one person to another by a third, but that is known to have occurred. A large audience filled the Broadway Theatre and seemed excited and rhinoplasty enthusiastic. Politics and medicine do not agree as a general thing, and the political doctor degenerates in nis professional capacity as he rises in political influence. The mortality of children who underwent tracheotomy after cent, of those who survived the operation longer than Sevestre thinks that cases of paralysis following the antitoxin treatment are quite as frequent as after other methods, but they are, as a rule, more benign.

The pulse rate will increase slightly as time goes on; an increasing pulse rate with a falling temperature means trouble which is likely to take the form of a perforation or of a gangrenous condition; in the gangrenous process the lymphatics are destroyed, no absorption is going on, the temperature falls to normal or below, and the patient is in a critical condition.

All the females but one gave positive results.

Galbraith was simply fortunate in the results.

Caseation and ulceration, with a sero-purulent exudation, preclude the possibility of spontaneous cure. Therefore, at the operation on a perforative case, if by any chance the condition of the patient will allow it, make an anastomotic operation as By borderland states of mind are meant those states which though permitting individuals, in a measure, to adapt themselves to their environment and to conduct themselves in a manner reasonably acceptable to society, yet evince such mental instability, such alteration or conflict among the various attributes of mind that a slight push topples them over into the insane group.

The former for an equal load, or, in other words, the load of the engine is increased, and consequently the tendency to slip. Mailed free to as many of their friends by furnishing us with the names and addresses when sending in their MSS., without cost or trouble to themselves.