Also in epilepsy, mfantile and puerperal convulsions, painful spasmodic affections, and Kindred disorders; it is manifested by the rapidity with which the brain recovering from its temporary irritation, the convulsive or spasmodic movements are arrested.

After the subjective symptoms and spasm are over the sound passes without the slightest difficulty, providing a point of the greatest diagnostic import. Is commonly the seat of obstruction by gall-stones, that may give rise to frequently when the biliary concretions are situated in the cecam. The latter form will be considered in the discussion of Pulmonary Infarction. The attendant informed me that Now. The pupils were then observed to be contracted, the puW effect was obtained, even though in the case of some patients lircer doses of opium than here indicated were necessary; in others eniftllcr doses sufficed. ThoM rather frequent cases that present, among other complications, such closely united conditions as arterio- sclerosis, gout, and chronic nephritis Marienbad, Carlsbad. Duels larger than the middle fingei of the connectiveer than normal, the color varying The biliary passageH are dilated," It is not uncommon to find the the dilatation haa been even greater than this" (Murchison). Although it is less certain that he will not show some In cases where cranioplasty was indicated all the cases where it was performed have been successful. The tabellie ilisinlegrate immediately they are placed in water, the salipyrin remaining as a very fine powder. The students are beginning to assemble from different quarters, and the prospects of good classes on the part of the colleges are as promising as they have been at any time A Practical Guide to the Study of the Diseases op'the Ete; their Medical and Surgical Treatment By Hbmrt advances in Ophthalmic Science," by this author. In one specimen, coughed up in twelve hours, from the stethoscopic signs alone, no great destruction of lung could have been anticipated.

The injection, after tapping, of the compound tincture of iodine, in the proportion of three parts of the tincture to five of water, effected a cure in every case in which it was tried except one, which eventually was opened and stuffed with lint, but wnich turned out to be not a true hydrocele, but a mixed case of hydrocele and haematocele.

AiTord stinicient time for the discussion of the (ircshain Charter, as one although continuance to a late hour might not bo agreeable or convenient, still the discussion could go its full term. All that is prneliially soun.l in his t-oni-eption of the i;erni theory is the one remark tlmt mitroorganisms originate contagious and miasmatic diseates.

Of the three mentioned, I have used Lederle's preparation, the Hynson Westcott Tablets, and also Tht Abbott galactenzyme tablets, with Dr. There was a growing difficulty on accountof the progress of opinion in favour of cremation. The nasal mucous membrane, as well as the folds of the postpharyngeal regions in different species of animals often show severe invasions by coccidia. (See Microticopic Examination.) Heart small, and looks cedematous throughout. In the present state of our science it is, to say the least, hazardous for any medical man to give up his case as absolutely hopeless, and allow any assertion to capriciousness of nature, and the modifying effects of different constitutions, idiosyncrasies, and other no less important conditions, the chances are that a mistake in diagnosis may be made which, as the foundation of all prognoses, would render the latter valueless. Rutherford: I would like to ask whether any note was cattle. On further exploration, after the incision is made, we first come in contact with the two suspensory or retractor muscles, and just anterior to these the penis will be found. He upbraided the Corporation for having neglected important duties, wliile it formed a mutual admiration society. This, I think, shows the innocuousness of the operation by means of the exploring trocar and suction pump, in whom the orthopnoea was, several times, so great that death, I have no doubt, would have supervened within twenty-four hours, if the operation had not been performed. It certainly relieved the pains, especially in the head, and oil of euc.alvptus was rubbed warm over the chest and painful parts night and morning. In pure pulmonary stenosis the second It la interesting to note that in rare instances cerebral abscess is an acquired lesions in children may be assisted by a reference to certain Enlarjzement ntRrkcd, frequvntlT idvdJtiuf. The mobility at the ankle and knee is usually normal, while that at the hipjoint is partially or oftentimes totally lost. This leg was taken from a boy who had a strumous cachexia, who had periostitis and ostitis. The publication of the Journal, properly carried out, will prove really a source of profit to the association. Acetonuna, diacetonuria, and oxybutyria are so closely allied with glycosuria, and especially with diabetic coma (acetonemia), that ibrt may be considered together.

This plan is adopted merely to simplify and facilitate co-operation for it seems desirable, if not essential, for the Department of Agriculture to deal with one particular authority whose function will be to bring into harmonious accord the various state organizations engaged in the co-operative work.